Blake Lively Denounces Post-Baby ‘Body Shaming’ and Unrealistic Ideals

August 10, 2016

Blake Lively denounced post-baby “body shaming” and the celebration of unrealistic standards in a recent interview. Praised for her weight loss after giving birth, she deflected the compliment to make a larger point and it’s going viral.

Blake Lively

It’s getting tiresome already, this incessant post-baby body chatter and celebrities themselves, the targets of such, are speaking out. Blake Lively is just the latest to add her voice to the dialogue and, in so doing, to remind folks that fame and wealth aside, these are real people with the full range of emotions just like the rest of us. We wouldn’t want to be put in that proverbial fishbowl and gawked at, and, well, some of them are speaking out and says, neither do they.

The 28-year-old Blake Lively — who’s pregnant right now, with her second child with husband Ryan Reynolds — was being interviewed in Australia on the morning TV show ‘Sunrise’ as she continues to promote her latest movie. It’s the Jaume Collet-Serra-directed thriller ‘The Shallows’ that sees her having close encounters with a shark, while clad in a bikini. The movie was shot not long after her first pregnancy.

Naturally that invites comments on her phenomenal physical condition, and when the interviewer praised her, she said, ““It’s so unfair though, because it’s so celebrated. It’s like, this is what someone can look like after a baby. I think a woman’s body after having a baby is pretty amazing.”

She went on to say, “You don’t need to be Victoria’s Secret ready right away because you just did the most incredible miracle that life has to offer. I mean, you gave birth to a human being! So I would really like to see that celebrated.”

Yes, some very questionable values at work with this whole post-baby-body mystique. It’s not unlike how women are “shamed” for public breastfeeding and yet that same body part is so celebrated in other contexts. Societal norms and standards could use some tweaking.

She also pointed out that the physical training she underwent was “as much a physical challenge as it was an acting challenge.”

In a previous interview, she spoke about the intensive training and said, “They didn’t hire a stunt double until the last two weeks of shooting. So everything I did—underwater stunts, flipping off of a buoy—it was incredibly physically and emotionally demanding.”

You can see highlights from Blake Lively interview below, as she pushes back against these stringent, and often damning post-baby body standards and “shaming.”

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