Joe Jonas Talks Dating, New Album and Jonas Brothers Breakup

August 8, 2016

Joe Jonas is opening up about his dating life and also dropping some hints about his new album. He also reflects upon the breakup of the Jonas Brothers and his new life now as DNCE’s frontman.

Joe Jonas

Yes, time marches on. Joe Jonas who was once one third of the Jonas Brothers has already found success with that infectious earworm of a song ‘Cake by the Ocean’ — his debut single with his band DNCE. And who can forget the equally whimsical music video — complete with the fictitious International Cake Fight Championships — which his then-girlfriend Gigi Hadid directed.

And that’s a perfect segue to the question that fans want an answer to. New girlfriend? Satisfying that curiosity — but only to a point — he told US Weekly,”I’m dating, but nothing serious. I’m really trying to just focus on myself and the music.” He went on to say, “Overall, I’m doing me right now and I think that’s important.”

Continuing, he said, “I just watch my brother [Kevin Jonas] and the bags under his eyes for the last year — him and his wife — and I’m like, ‘You know what? I don’t think I’m there yet.’ And I gotta find a girl first.”

As for the new album, he said, “We’re going to be releasing an album in October.” Elaborating, he added, “The album’s done now. We had about a year to work on it. … Usually you have, like, a few months to crank out an album, and we had this year to evolve as a band and really create something that we’re really proud of.”

He also made some rare comments about the 2013 breakup of the Jonas Brothers, which at the time the band announced officially in an interview with Good Morning America after weeks of rumor and speculation. Yes, hard to believe that just seven or eight years ago, they were the global icons and teen idols that had fans screaming all over the world.

He said of the disbanding, “It was hard for me as just a person, because it was all I [knew] for so many years.”

He added, “It was like second nature, which is also probably why we kind of at one point got lazy or creatively kind of stopped caring as much as we did.”

Naturally, the publication asked him about any possible competitiveness among the brothers, as Nick Jonas’ album ‘Last Year Was Complicated’ was released just months earlier, and the youngest Jonas has been well along, for years, into his solo career with such hits as ‘Area Code’ and ‘Chains.’

Jonas said of his younger brother, “We have our own lanes. Even the audience doesn’t try to put us in this little bracket like we’re competing.”

A Jonas Brothers’ reunion? Again, no confirmation here, but the publication notes that he and his sibling are open to collaborating in the future.

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