Brie Larson, Cast as ‘Captain Marvel,’ Shares Throwback Photo with Inspiring Words on Self-Confidence

July 26, 2016

Brie Larson shared an inspiring message about self-confidence and overcoming self-doubt that’s going viral. Cast as Captain Marvel, the Oscar-winning actress reflects upon her recent past and speaks of self-acceptance.

 Brie Larson

It’s been the proverbial banner year for Brie Larson. She’s one of the rising stars in Hollywood with a string of awards from the Oscar to the SAG for her searing portrayal of a woman in captivity in the critically acclaimed movie ‘Room,’ based on the international bestseller of the same title by Emma Donoghue.

And now to the delight of fans she’s just been cast as Captain Marvel. It’s history making as she’s the first woman to headline a movie in the Marvel comic book universe. News broke at San Diego Comic-Con. Soon after, she Tweeted “Call me Captain Marvel” with a photo of herself in a Marvel Studios cap. She posted the same pic to Instgram; you can see it below.

But it was not so long ago that no one had heard of Brie Larson and no one is more aware of that than she herself. She took to Instagram — two days before this exciting news was announced — to share a throwback pic of herself at the 2013 Maui Film Festival.

She said in the caption, “It shocked me to find this photo because I remember the day so well. I was respected enough to be honored at the Maui Film Festival–but not known enough to have a stylist or ‘glam squad'”

The dress she’s wearing is in keeping with the fashions of Hawaii, muted florals and topped off with a lei. She said of it, “I found this Madewell dress in my closet. The most I knew how to do for grooming was pin half of it back and blink on a few coats of mascara.”

She went on to share her hesitancy and self doubt, saying, “Before we went to the ceremony I felt flashes of embarrassment–I worried I was too fat, too ugly, too depressingly banal to be honored. I cringed to take photos.”

Continuing, she reflected and said, “But today I see this moment and feel only love for myself. There is nothing wrong with this person. She is honest and beautiful and committed to showing up for this life. I wish I saw myself then as I see myself now. There is no need to waste your time working to be anything other than you.”

She went on to sum up, saying, “So hey, #tbt – thank you for the chance to honor all the hilarious ways we didn’t know ourselves upon first meeting, and all the exciting new ways we get to know ourselves while we keep living.”

The message has gone viral with nearly a thousand comments as of this writing and more than 42,000 “likes” on Instagram. You can see the photo below, as Brie Larson shares an important and inspiring message of encouragement.

A photo posted by Brie (@brielarson) on

A photo posted by Brie (@brielarson) on

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