Adam Nimoy Talks Father Leonard Nimoy’s Death and ‘For the Love of Spock’ Documentary

July 23, 2016

Leonard Nimoy’s son, Adam Nimoy opens up about his father’s death and about the documentary, ‘For the Love of Spock,’ which he began work on during his father’s final months. He spoke about overcoming grief over the man the world knows as the iconic Vulcan of the ‘Star Trek’ universe.

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It was last February that Leonard Nimoy died at age 83 after a long battle with COPD. The character for which he is forever known is Mr Spock, alongside the rest of the iconic crew of the USS Enterprise which the world first glimped during its television run in the 1960s. And from there, the phenomena has only grown through numerous big screen movies, one of which Nimoy himself directed, and spinoff series and movies, including the recent JJ Abrams’ series of movies.

But through it all, Mr Spock is among the most endearing a nd cekebrated characters of the franchise. Now as the documentary on his life premieres, his son, 59-year-old Adam Nimoy opens up about the making of the movie which began while his father was still living.

He told People, ‘”After my dad died there was such an outpouring of emotion.’ He went on to say, “Not only for Spock but the loss of Leonard Nimoy the artist and renaissance man. It became clear when I decided to continue on with the project that it had to include my dad’s life as well.”

Nimoy himself just a few days before his death, acknowledged his inextricable link to his iconic character in a final Tweet: “A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory. LLAP.” The LLAP is the signature Vulcan farewell greeting, ‘Live Long and Prosper.’

Adam Nimoy said of the documentary, “It’s Spock, it’s the career of Leonard Nimoy and it’s my life with the two of them.”

Elaborating he said, “Spock was the quintessential outsider being the only alien on the enterprise, and that was a reflection of my dad’s life.” Continuing, he spoke of his father’s evolution as a man. Explaining that he had arrived in Hollywood at age 18 without the support of his parents and that in so doing he “left behind a very tight-knit immigrant community in the West End of Boston.”

He said his father “was dedicated at that age to getting out of that milieu and integrating himself into American society.”

He further explained, “And that’s what Spock is all about: finding a way to be different and yet still work within a group and be respected for those unique talents.”

Adam Nimoy also spoke about how his father remained in the logical and unemotional Mr Spock character even when not filming the 1960s series and the impact it had on how he related to him growing up as a young child. He said, “This was a guy who would come home and be very difficult to relate to, which was further complicated by the fact that I’m a young boy trying to look for some direction and connection in my life. It was very challenging because it simply wasn’t there.”

Adam Nimoy also spoke of what it was like collaborating on the documentary in the final months of his father’s life. Calling it “a blast,” he said, “Dad was on the Internet the whole time jotting down notes and in our second meeting he came back to me very proud that he had googled Spock’s ears and turned up over a hundred thousand websites. He just thought that was so amusing.”

And in the aftermath of his father’s death, Nimoy continued the documentary and he said, “It was an incredibly wonderful process to go through in order for me to grieve the loss of my dad and enter the post-Leonard era of my life.”

Adam Nimoy said of the final result, “To me, this is also a gift to the fans so that they can go through that process and have a memory to hold onto that’s comprehensive about both Spock and Leonard.”

You can see the full interview along with some vintage photos here.

‘For the Love of Spock’ opens in theaters in September and on VOD. It had its premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival and it has received nearly universal critical acclaim with critics lauding it for its exploration of the character and the man, and for the wealth of archival footage.

You can see the trailer video of Adam Nimoy’s ‘For the Love of Spock’ below.

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