Reese Witherspoon Celebrates ‘Legally Blond’ 15th Anniversary in Elle Woods’ Pink Bikini (Photos)

July 17, 2016

Reese Witherspoon celebrated the 15th anniversary of ‘Legally Blond’ donning Elle Woods’ tiny pink bikini and other outfits from the iconic movie on Instagram and Snapchat. The star caused even more social media frenzy as she recited lines from the flick and gave a “bend and snap” tutorial.

Reese Witherspoon

My how time flies when you’re blond and having the time of your life! Just think, fifteen years ago, way back in 2001, there was no Snapchat or Instgram, let alone even Facebook or its moribund predecessors Friendster and MySpace.

So seizing the moment and our contemporary platforms, the now 40-year-old Oscar-winning actress showed the world she’s still got the move and the ‘Legally Blond’ physique. It was the movie that made the then 24-year-old a star, after all.

And not content to be just that It Girl flavor of the day, we know, of course, she’s gone on to a stellar and we could say “serious” movie career, taking control with her own production company along the way and winning accolades in such films as ‘Wild’ and ‘Hot Pursuit’

But with this 15th anniversary, it was time for a throwback and Reese Witherspoon more than delivered! You can see the pics and video below! She’s looking stunning in that famous teeny pink bikini that Elle Woods wore in the movie when she made her video essay for Harvard Law School (you can also see that below, for a refresher!).

She went on to trot out some of her other costumes from the movie, and to recite a few of the famous lines and of course, to do the “bend and snap.”

But along with the fluff and the fun, she also reflected upon the movie’s cultural impact. She in an interview with Instagram, ““I have had so many women say, ‘I went to law school because of ‘Legally Blonde.’” She went on to note, “It actually had a meaningful story. And it was about female empowerment. It wasn’t necessarily about the girl getting the guy.”

And we’ve seen Witherspoon echo those sentiments all along, not just in her choice of roles — portraying the likes of memoirist Cheryl Strayed (‘Wild) and the legendary country music singer June Carter Cash (‘Walk the Line’, but as one of those actresses who’s not afraid to be outspoken.

Just last year, she won the much coveted, mid-career American Cinematheque and making the point, in her acceptance speech that when it comes to film roles, “We need more female surgeons, Supreme Court justices, and soldiers — but on screen. Not just as the girlfriends to famous men.”

And to think it all began with the Chihuahua-toting, pink-attired Elle Woods! You can see Reese Witherspoon’s ‘Legally Blond’ 15th anniversary tribute videos and photos below!

“I’m able to recall hundreds of important details at the drop of a hat” ??? #LegallyBlonde15

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Wow, what a day!!!! Thank you all so much for celebrating 15 years of #LegallyBlonde with me ???? I had a blast! #LegallyBlonde15

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