Sarah Larson is George Clooney’s Motorcycle Mama

January 21, 2009

Meet Sarah Larson, the waitress riding on the back of George Clooney’s motorcycle when it crashed. See her photos and biography.

Sarah Larson Go Go
Sarah Larson
(Pictured Left)

Sarah says there will be no more to-go orders next time George wants his hot dog in a bun. Oil slicks are best found in bed. Speaking of to-go orders, rumor is that Sarah was or is a Go Go Dancer.

Update May 2008 – Sarah Larson and George Clooney have split!

Update January 2009 – Sarah Larson’s new boytoy is reportedly Ryan Cabrera, the ex-boyfriend of Ashlee Simpson. More on Ryan Cabrera can be found here.

The following is our original story.

Sarah Larson Biography

The problem with Sarah Larson is she thinks Hollywood celebrities know how to ride a bike. Call it starstruck adulation. She would know that is not true if she just watched the Easy Rider movie. Everyone knows that two of those boys fall off in the end. She should not want to be George Clooney’s Motorcycle Mama.

What we know of Sarah Larson’s biography is that she is a waitress. She met George Clooney while serving him onion rings at the movie premier of Ocean’s Thirteen. The couple have been seen kissing at the Venice Film Festival.

She is reportedly a model and actress, but she is apparently one of those models without portfolio. We know what that means. She is probably an Oscar winning role player in bed. And in bed is where she will be for a while. George Clooney broke her foot and cracked his ribs. As a waitress, she is an expert in ribs.

There are online reports that Sarah Larson was a Go Go dancer.. See the pictures and hope that is true. Read the story.

People magazine reports that she appeared on the Fear Factor television show which makes her technically an actress.

Pictures of Sarah Larson follow.

Sarah LarsonSarah Larson dressSarah Larson walkingSarah Larson smileSarah Larson and Clooney Kissing
Sarah Larson Photos

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    rocky Says:

    so time has expired for her to sue him over accident, huh?