Ashley Graham Flaunts Cleavage at Miss USA Pageant (Photos)

June 6, 2016

Ashley Graham flaunted her cleavage and curves on the red carpet at the Miss USA pageant and you can see the photos here that are getting such a buzz. The model whose Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover made history has now made a memorable impression — to say the very least — at the annual beauty competition

Ashley Graham

Yes, it’s a cliche to say someone has turned heads. But, such is the case with the 28-year-old Ashley Graham in her figure-hugging royal blue gown. On any other woman, yes, the gown would have been beautiful, but no one could help but notice that the model and rising star is quite buxom.

But it’s more than just attention-getting red carpet appearances and now, this impressive backstage hosting gig at the Miss USA pageant, before a live worldwide audience. Ashley Graham continues her disruption of the fashion and beauty world with this, her latest foray. Ever since that history-making SI cover, the self-proclaimed “curva-sexalicious” model — who eskews the more common classification of “plus size” is seemingly everywhere. There was that Maxim cover, and then her own fashion label of casual wear and swimsuits. Not to mention her debut as a video vixen in DNCE’s ‘Toothbrush’ music video, and those steamy scenes with frontman Joe Jonas.

Now it would stand to reason that the next frontier would be the pageant world. Mission accomplished. Sure, we had a winner who, for her own part make history — Miss District of Columbia Deshauna Barber also happens to be a U.S. Army officer; that’s a first. But backstage we had another first.

The pageant world has come a long way in these decades. While it’s arguable as to how relevant it is, no one can deny that it continues to reflect the zeitgeist. Body image and “body shaming” are always hot topics these days. It’s a matter of whose body was commented upon and/or “shamed” and who decides that they feel like complaining about it. Such complaints do get attention, after all.

She told People “The fact that they’ve asked me to come and speak backstage means that there is more feeling of diversity of beauty.” She went on to express her hopes that such diversity will advance far beyond allowing a curvy woman to take part as a host. She said, “Pageants now, I’m hoping, are going to start putting curvy, plus-size women in front of the camera.”

When she launched her fashion line for Dressbarn, Ashley Graham said in an interview with Yahoo Tech she encapsulated her mission, saying, “My mantra is ‘beauty beyond size,’ and I wanted to live that through a collection, because you go from a size 4 to 24.”

Arguably her influence has gone far beyond magazine covers and clothing lines and in such a short time. From Sports Illustrated to now, live television all over the world, she is clearly is a rising star and, for many, a role model. You can see photos of Ashley Graham at the Miss USA red carpet below!

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Pictures: PR Photos

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