Sam Claflin on 40-Pound Weight Loss for ‘Me Before You’ Role

June 5, 2016

Sam Claflin is opening up about his 40-pound weight loss for his role in the movie ‘Me Before You,’ alongside co-star Emilia Clarke. The former ‘Hunger Games’ star shares his dramatic transformation in an Instagram pic and what it took to lose the weight and why he felt it was important to do so.

Sam Claflin

In the critically acclaimed ‘Me Before You,’ the 29-year-old British actor Sam Claflin portrays Will, a wealthy banker who is left paralyzed — a quadriplegic — after an accident. ‘Game of Thrones’ star Emilia Clarke portrays Louisa the woman employed as his caregiver and, as fate would have it, the two fall in love with each other.

The movie is directed by Thea Sharrock from the bestselling novel by Jojo Moyes of the same title. It is in the parlance of the Golden Age of Hollywood, a weepie, and in our modern day language, it’s been dubbed an assisted suicide drama.

Claflin opened up about his physical transformation for the movie and posted a picture of his shirtless and slimmed down torso on Instagram. In a lengthy caption he manages to discuss the transformation, succinctly, and give more than a nod to the controversy over the movie, and the plight of the character.

He said, “I had to get myself in peak physical condition to play Will before the accident” He went on to say, “And that came along with at least one long and hard daily session in the gym and a very strict diet, with little sleep.”

As for the weight loss, he spoke of both the why and the how, saying, “It was important for me to show the distinct differences between him before and after the accident, not only emotionally and mentally, but physically too.”

Continuing, he said, “I shed over 3 stone [42 pounds] in the three months I was training, and honestly pushed my personal limits.”

Claflin acknowledged that he had a “wonderful support network” throughout the process and added, “I’m not saying I’m a hero. I’m merely saying I found it tough and therefore appreciate what other people go through.”

And of course, to say the very least, the character, Will, did not lose weight for the sake of six-pack abs, and Claflin underscored the deeper meaning, and also alluded to the controversy over the film.

He said, “A lot of us haven’t been tested the way Will has, but something as life-changing as that, will affect people differently.” He added, “[E]veryone should be able to make choices in life without judgement or comment.” You can see the statement in full here.

As The Telegraph reports, the movie has angered disability rights groups, and sparked protests at red carpet appearances and quite a few critics have similarly expressed concerns over the message the movie sends. It’s been polarizing to say the least, on the flip side, it advocates choice, or, in more frank terms, the “right to die.”

In the midst of this, the Instagram pic, and the weight loss story takes on a far deeper meaning than some exercise and diet routine of an actor who joins the ranks of actors and actresses who have undergone dramatic physical transformations for movie roles and perhaps gets an Oscar nod.

You can see Sam Claflin’s weight loss photo below.

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