Oprah Winfrey Reveals 30-Pound Weight Loss Success Secrets

June 2, 2016

Oprah Winfrey talks about her 30-pound weight loss and shares some of her success secrets, as she continues with Weight Watchers, as not just a company stakeholder but an enthusiastic participant. Get the latest tips that the media and lifestyle mogul is dishing up.

Oprah Winfrey

By now Oprah Winfrey and Weight Watchers have become synonymous. In the nearly two years since she became a 10 percent stakeholder in the company — initially sending its stock price upward — she’s also been steadily losing weight. There have been numerous Instagram pics, not to mention some notable red carpet appearances that have sparked notice. She’s even shared the cover of her O magazine with nine other women who were finding weight loss success.

As ABC News correspondent Mara Schiavocampo reported, via ‘GMA’ Oprah owes her latest success to something that’s endemic to the company’s program; peer support. Yes, we know about the famous Weight Watchers’ point system, but that support system is equally valuable even for Oprah. It’s been recently redrafted with the Better Together campaign that encourages participants to support each other and to seek support from family members and friends.

In a behind-the-scenes report, Oprah is seen taking part in a conference call with several other Weight Watchers members. She tells them, “For me, it’s so much better when other people are also counting points.” She’s also heard confessing that she likes “salty and safer savory things.”

Oprah also revealed to the participants that in keeping with the Better Together campaign she has found a new weight loss buddy, her longtime partner, Stedman Graham. She said, “He kept asking me what every point was so I said, why don’t you just join.”

We also find out some about Oprah’s exercise routine; she walks the dogs and also gets on the treadmill before dinner time.

It’s the latest in the unfolding story of her weight loss struggles, which she’s been open about for decades, most notably losing a vast amount of weight on a liquid diet and famously doning skinny jeans on her daily talk show while pulling a red wagon with 67 pounds of fat, representing how much she had lost. That, sadly was short lived. And in years following we witnessed her continued struggle with various diets and exercises — and even completing the Chicago Marathon.

While she’s continuing her high profile with Weight Watchers, the Daily News reports that she has filed for a federal trademark for ‘Oprah’s Kitchen’ which according to the paperwork is for an extensive line of food products including meat, dairy, baked good, spices, juices and more. It appears that Oprah’s Kitchen is literally coming to the nearby supermarket.

You can see the video below as Oprah Winfrey reveals the success secrets behind her 30-pound weight loss!

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