Fifth Harmony ‘7/27′ Album Review Roundup

May 27, 2016

Fifth Harmony’s new album is ‘7/27.’ The much anticipated sophomore studio album from the girl group that rose to fame on ‘The X Factor USA’ is here and the music critics are having their say. Here’s a roundup of reviews.

Fifth Harmony

The album may be cryptic in title to non-fans — the ‘7/27′ is a reference to the date they were founded back in 2012 — but it’s been eagerly awaited by those in the know. It’s been preceded by numerous hit singles including most recently, ‘Work from Home’ which went all the way to No. 5 on the Billboard Hot 100. And before that, they had both a smash hit and a cultural phenomena in their girl power anthem in ‘Worth It.’

Fifth Harmony is comprised of Dinah Jane Hansen, Ally Hernandez, Normani Kordei, Camila Cabello and Lauren Jauregui. The five member ensemble continues to prevail even as the show, ‘The X Factor USA’ that brought them together, and catapulted them to international fame is gone. Nonetheless they remain under contract with Simon Cowell and his Syco Music record label jointly with L.A. Reid and Epic Records.

It was just last year, in January, that their critically acclaimed debut album, ‘Reflections’ was released, this after a string of EPs that also drew favorable reviews. It goes to show that sometimes the reality-TV-talent-show assembly of singing groups can lead to success. After all, witness the five-year global phenomena that was One Direction.

Is 5H headed towards that same kind of continued popularity? That’s why this new album is being so closely examined. Now the critics are having their say and you can see a roundup below.

“….The hitmakers are there: Stargate and Kygo produced a handful of tracks, while R&B star Tinashe co-wrote three songs, including the turbo-charged “The Life.” Yet the sassy girl-power proclamations and gleefully unsubtle double-entendres that elevated the group’s 2015 debut, Reflection, are largely pushed aside for mid-tempos about romance and intimacy…..” –Entertainment Weekly

“….. The second Fifth Harmony LP isn’t a massive step forward, but with a constant bombardment of hooks, high energy and incredible harmony there’s not much time to catch your breath to compare…..” — Rolling Stone

“….In hindsight, Fifth Harmony’s debut album Reflection was a hodgepodge of musical styles by a group still trying to navigate their sound. But then ‘Worth It’ happened. In a big way. It immediately opened up new doors for Simon Cowell’s US pop five-piece, and pinned down exactly what they should be doing. So it’ll come as no surprise that their second collection, 7/27, builds upon all that sass and then some. …” –Digital Spy

“…..It’s a good sign that Fifth Harmony can turn even lesser songs like the bland “Squeeze” or “Gonna Get Better” into something enjoyable, which is what makes them unstoppable on songs like “Scared of Happy” when they are firing on all cylinders. Fifth Harmony shouldn’t be looking back any more when their future is so promising…..” – Newsday

The album, harking back in title to their manufactured beginnings is getting much praise, as critics take note of the group’s evolution over time. Four years together, and it seems they’re just getting started. You can see Fifth Harmony’s ‘7/27/ album cover art and music video below.

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