Watch Bryan Cranston’s ‘Super Sweet 60′ Parody and ‘Breaking Bad’ Reunion on ‘Kimmel’ (Video)

May 21, 2016

Bryan Cranston celebrated his 60th birthday on Jimmy Kimmel Live with a “Super Sweet 60″ birthday party that doubled as a “Breaking Bad” reunion. Obviously from this description alone it’s a must see, and you can do so right here!

Bryan Cranston

Yes, it was quite an episode of ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live.’ A classic, trust us. It will evoke nostalgia for ‘Breaking Bad,’ and for that equally iconic and unforgettable antihero Walter White. It was part reunion and part celebration and part parody.

If the 16-year-olds can celebrate why not the 60-year-olds?! And thus we had a reworking of MTV’s ‘Super Sweet 16.’ And while the premise and the play on words, Super Sweet Sixtieth birthday are clever ideas all the more was the execution. That’s what happens when you mashup so many pop cultural elements, you have the makings of viral video and social media frenzy.

That’s what happens when you have a 60-year-old actor who faces the camera and says he’s a six-time Emmy winner — which, of course, he is! — and then goes on to note that despite his success he still lives with Mom and Dad. And also happens to describe himself by saying, “I’m sexy, I’m cute, and I love the spotlight.” Well, let the mashup begin! That was just the start of a 15-minute segment that’s full of surprises as it spoofs the MTV series, ‘Breaking Bad’ and everything in between.

Not to give too much away, but the segment sees Jimmy Kimmel and sidekick Guillermoas the party planners for this epic of ‘Super Sweet 60′ party. And, yes, there are a few crowns — definitely more than one — and along the way, Aaron Paul’s Jesse Pinkman makes a memorable visit as does Bob Oedenkirk of the spinoff series ‘Better Call Saul.’

Now ostensibly, Cranston was on the show to talk about his portrayal of President Lyndon B. Johnson in the HBO movie, ‘All The Way’ and you can see that interview below. The physical transformation alone is nothing less than mesmerizing as he brings to life a major historic figure of the previous century, no doubt introducing LBJ to younger generations.

But more to the point, if you are curious about all the buzz over Bryan Cranston’s “party” on JKL, trust us, no description and no quoting can do it justice. You just have to watch it and fortunately, you can see the full replay video of Bryan Cranston’s Super Sweet Sixtieth birthday à la Breaking Bad reunion below!

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