‘Mike & Molly’ Finale: Review Roundup, Video Highlights

May 17, 2016

‘Mike & Molly’ series finale, starring Melissa McCarthy and Billy Gardell, has come and gone. The last episode of the CBS sitcom has sparked the usual social media reaction and uproar. The television critics, too, are weighing in. You can see a roundup of reviews –be warned, there are spoilers! — along with video highlights.

Melissa McCarthy and Billy Gardell

If you haven’t seen the finale, you should not be reading this, as there are spoilers!

The series created by Mark Roberts premiered in 2010 and now has come to an end with a back-to-back two-episode finale event, “The Curse of the Bambino” and “I See Love.”

Billy Gardell portrayed Chicago police officer Mike Biggs and Melissa McCarthy portrayed elementary school teacher Molly Fynn. The couple met and became the titular ampersand after meeting at a Overeaters Anonymous meeting. As we all know, the series was groundbreaking for its matter-of-fact embracing of two characters — and respectively the actors themselves — who don’t fit the Hollywood norm for thinness and for exploring their lives and struggles.

As the years have gone by, McCarthy, who back in 2010 was best known for her portrayal of Sookie on Gilmore Girls, has gone on to become a bona fida Hollywood A list star — starting with that breakthrough hit movie ‘Bridesmaids of 2011 — while yet, continuing on the small screen. That’s an unusual achievement that many before her have attempted. But it’s not without precedent. After all, the late great Robin Williams first found breakout success in the 1980s sitcom ‘Mork & Mindy.’

Now the six year run is over and, as is so often the case when a series ends, fans and critics alike look to see how the story arc — if any — has been brought to a satisfying conclusion. And there are always the hopes that the years of episodes weren’t just a dream of one of the characters, à la ‘Wizard of Oz.’

Critics are divided over this final episode, and, after all, that’s much to be expected. You can see a roundup below, but, as noted, there are spoilers so don’t read any more if you don’t want to see any plot details!

“….From beginning to end, Mike & Molly told a complete — but still unfinished — love story. We watched Mike and Molly meet, fall in love, get married, struggle with their weight, struggle with their identities as partners, and everything in between. And now, to see Mike & Molly come to its natural conclusion, with the couple that couldn’t see love six years ago singing “I See Love” to their son, brings the series full circle. Their story has ended, but in many ways, it has only just begun……” –Entertainment Weekly

“….“Mike & Molly” leaves the air tonight much more polished and sure-footed sitcom than it was on arrival. Both the penultimate half-hour, “Curse of the Bambino” (directed by McCarthy), and the finale “I See Love” (directed by the legendary James Burrows) seamlessly blend well-earned laughs with the obligatory heartstring tugs required of a series heading off into the Great Nielsen Beyond.
…..” –The Wrap

“….Mike & Molly was never in the top rank of sitcoms, but there was no denying the charm and talent of stars Melissa McCarthy and Billy Gardell, qualities that are on full display during Monday night’s two-episode series finale. […] It’s not going out a classic, but Mike & Molly, under the guidance of Burrows, departs with a conclusion that will be satisfying for its fans…..” –Yahoo! TV

The series has come to an end, and the discussion will go on and on! You can see video highlights below — spoilers, of course — of the series finale of ‘Mike & Molly.’

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