Watch Kelly Ripa’s First ‘Live’ without Michael Strahan and Jimmy Kimmel as Co-Host (Video)

May 16, 2016

Kelly Ripa returned to ‘Live’ with her first guest co-host, Jimmy Kimmel, after Michael Strahan’s departure. As to be expected, it was not to be missed, and you can see the video highlights and find out what happened right here!

Jimmy Kimmel and Kelly Ripa

Leave it to Jimmy Kimmel to mine this saga for every nugget of comedy. Just last week, on Friday the 13th Michael Strahan said is farewell to the show that saw him as co-host for four years, as he moves on, full time, to ‘Good Morning America.’

Well, such shuffling from one show to another is commonplace, but there comes a time — and this was one of them — that such shuffling produces drama that eclipses anything on daytime soaps or nighttime reality TV.

So, after Jimmy Kimmel and Kelly Ripa took to the stage to applause, he said, “Hi. Where’s Michael?” After the awkward laughter died down, Ripa said, “That’s right, you don’t read newspapers.”

Plying right along, Kimmel said, “I haven’t been paying attention. Everything all right?” To which Ripa retorted, “Yeah, everything’s great. Welcome to the show.”

Indeed! She then gave him the “proper” introduction, “As is tradition, whenever we relaunch the show, my first co-host is Jimmy Kimmel.”

To which Kimmel quipped, “I’m like an ex-boyfriend that you go back to for sex after you break one your husband.”

Well, with all the “pleasantries” out of the way, the first guest co-host did his duty and asked all the probing questions that have been lingering.

Kimmel said he’d been on ‘The Howard Stern Show’ earlier that day and left fully armed with 75 questions that Stern had given him.

Among them — “Was that genuine hugging and kissing?” — referring to the farewell episode which saw the tension between the departing Michael Strahan, that had yielded many a viral-video, ease.

Ripa replied, “We don’t fake hug and kiss. It wasn’t like air kissing. It was like a genuine ‘I’m going to miss you,’ ‘Good luck.'”

And so on and so on. After the litigation was over, Kimmel then launched into the next phase of the merriment, and made a game out of the now ensuing permanent co-host selection, with a “Wheel of New Co-Hosts” that ran the unlikely game from Kylie Jenner to Bon Jovi to Pippi Middleton to “Becky with the Good Hair” from Beyonce’s ‘Lemonade’ album. Even summer sausage was one of the options(!)

Ripa conceded that with Jenner as a co-host, “My daughter would actually maybe watch the show.” But that was not to be, as the wheel had other plans! It landed, of course, on summer sausage. And, it was then left to Jimmy Kimmel to inform her that, well, the sausage had other plan, too.

He quipped, “Bad news. The sausage says it’s leaving to go to ‘Good Morning America.'”

Well, with day one of the parade of guest co-hosts on “Live” conveniently ensuing during May sweeps month, no doubt viewers are in for more surprises. And of course, to say nothing of the incessant speculation over what brought us to this precise moment in television history. You can see the replay video below, as Jimmy Kimmel guest co-hosts alongside Kelly Ripa!

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