Meghan Trainor Talks ‘Me Too’ Video Photoshop Controversy and Body Shaming

May 13, 2016

Meghan Trainor opened up about her ‘Me Too’ music video and the Photoshop, or retouching that led her to have it pulled. She also spoke out about the body shaming that she was subjected to in the aftermath and other topics during her live interview on ‘GMA.’

Meghan Trainor

The 22-year-old pop music star rose to fame with her body-positive anthem ‘All about that Bass’ and has gone on to build a career upon that kind of positivity. All the more reason that the Photoshopping, or digital altering of her physique in her recently released ‘Me Too’ video spurred her to take action to have it removed and replaced days later with the original, unaltered video.

In her interview with ‘GMA”s Robin Roberts, she said, “I worked so hard on this video. It was a 22-hour shoot.” She went on to speak of having a hand in the editing process.

Continuing, she said, “I did everything and I examined it and then when it was up I saw my fans posting clips of this dance scene and I was like, why, why are the fans messing with my waist? And like I was like, why are they doing that?

She went on to say, “Then I looked at my video and it’s my own video and that’s not my waist. They made me skinnier than the dancers next to me who are dancers. And I love the director. I love this video and we’re so proud of this but I had to call up the head of VEVO and say take it down. That’s not me. I need to fix this now as soon as I can.”

As for how this video retouching came about, in the place she said, “I don’t know. We had a short amount of time to get it turned around. Put it out but I don’t know like how you would shave my waist off like me, you know. I don’t know as ‘All About that Bass’ girl. That’s what was so ironic about it. I didn’t want this song to be the new anthem for Photoshop but obviously is still a big issue and we’re still talking about it.”

Originally, she addressed the controversy in a Snapchat video posted to YouTube (which you can see below) and said, in part, “I took down the YouTube video because they photoshopped the crap out of me, and I’m so sick of it.” She also posted before and after photos on Instagram (also below).

Some news outlets have gone on to question the “controversy” and even to speculation it was a publicity stunt. But regardless, it has drawn much attention to the singer to rose to fame with her ‘All About that Bass’ anthem which, no doubt, is going down in history as one of this decade’s most iconic hits.

She has continued to embrace the message that brought her fame. Last year, in an interview with Seventeen, she opened up about self-doubt she had prior to her rise to fame, saying, “‘When I saw photos of myself, I would think, I look awful. There’s a double chin! I never thought I’d be a pop star. I don’t look like Rihanna.”

And as she continues to be the pop star antithesis, her fame continues to rise. The new album, ‘Thank You,’ was released the same day as her live interview on ‘GMA.’ You can see it along with her live performance below!

The real #metoo video is finally up! Missed that bass. Thank you everyone for the support 💙

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