Oscar De La Hoya is a Celebrity Crossdresser? (Pictures)

September 20, 2007

In the case of Oscar De La Hoya in drag, a picture speaks a thousand words. See alleged photos of the macho man boxer dressed as a girl drag queen, one of the best examples of celebrity cross-dressing that has ever been seen. Or, it is one of the funniest examples of celebrity photoshop that has ever been seen. Fake or real?

Do you like it when manly men dress like girls? I do. It is cute and teaches them who is really the boss. Hear my roar, Oscar. Fear me.

But I do not fear you in pink panties, fishnets and heels. The famous boxer says the photos are fake as well as the allegations of this kinky affair with an exotic dancer. But the exotic dancer who allegedly took the photos says that now she is being called a liar, she is “ready to sell her story.” Oh my, that might be quite a story there girl.

These pictures were published by X17-Online which is skeptical they are Photoshopped. Who cares. This should enhance his career.

So a discussion rages about whether or not these pictures of our boxing girl are fake or real. We vote for real, but let the dear reader be the judge. We cannot claim authority on what Oscar De La Hoya should look like as a girl. It is too confusing for my girly intuition.

More Oscar De La Hoya Drag Queen photos under the fold.

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2 Responses to “Oscar De La Hoya is a Celebrity Crossdresser? (Pictures)”

  1. 1
    JAMR Says:

    OSCAR IT’S A GIRL, AND HE IS BYSEXUAL, There is nothing wrong with that as long as he accept the thruth of his behaver, And of course make shure keep it inside, and dont show it to anybody.

  2. 2
    samantha Says: