Watch Prince’s SNL40 After Party Performance (Full Video)

April 23, 2016

Prince delivered a legendary impromptu performance at the SNL40 after party and the full video has been posted online. You can watch it right here and find out more about the brilliant concert that SNL cast members, alum and celebrities witnessed after the Saturday Night Live 40th anniversary television special.


In the aftermath of the sudden, shocking and untimely death at age 57 of the music legend, the one and only Prince, there’s now an insatiable interest in his work and his performances. Even the landmark 1980s movie, Purple Rain, that catapulted his already rising career, and landed him a a Best Song Oscar, is returning to theaters.

Prince’s many iconic hits — from ‘When Doves’ Cry’ to ‘Let’s Go Crazy’ to ‘1999’ and more — are dominating the charts all over the world. Singles and album sales are staggering.

What one quickly finds when one searches for Prince’s music online that it’s difficult to find. There’s a legendary 2007 Super Bowl Halftime performance, but it’s a rarity. And that’s part of what’s driving the astronomical iTunes sales. A brilliant artist, yes, but once again, we’re reminded of what a brilliant businessman he was, as well, who fought his entire life for the right of artists to own their music.

But now, as the world celebrates the loss, we have yet another rarity, a performance we’ve never seen before. The full video of the performance that had been much talked about and that previously had been glimpsed in a few Instagram video clips is now online. It was SNL alum Tim Kazurinsky who recorded the performance and who uploaded it to his YouTube channel.

Now we are all witness to the legendary performance that Jimmy Fallon discussed at length on ‘The Tonight Show’ last year (video below). At the time, he told the audience that once he found out that Prince was there at the party, he spoke up, saying, “Prince, if you’re here, I dare you to come up on stage.” Fallon went on to say, “All of a sudden, the crowd parts and there’s purple smoke and the dude, just floating towards the stage.”

As seen in the video, Jimmy Fallon is heard coaxing Prince into performing, and we can clearly hear Prince take to the microphone and say “Dearly inebriated.”

From there, it’s several minutes of the always-electrifying Prince. Taking up the guitar he launches into his iconic ‘Let’s Go Crazy’ and that just about sums up the reaction of the audience turned participants. Present were some of the many A-listers who had attended that star-studded SNL 40 bash. The aforementioned Jimmy Fallon is among them, of course, alongside fellow SNL alum — Maya Rudolph who is the front woman of a Prince cover band called Princess — plus the likes of Emma Stone, Bill Murray, Chris Rock, and Martin Short among many others.

Needless to say, it’s epic and it defies description even as it encapsulates why and how we celebrate a legacy even as we mourn the inestimable loss. You can watch the full video of Prince’s impromptu SNL40 concert below along with Jimmy Fallon’s recollection.

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