Melissa McCarthy Comedic Genius Award Acceptance Speech MTV Movie Awards (Video, Photos)

April 11, 2016

Melissa McCarthy made history as the first woman to win the MTV Movie Awards Comedic Genius Award. She delivered a hilarious, powerful and poignant acceptance speech. You can see it right here and get all the details on the latest comedy star to receive the honor!

Melissa McCarthy

It’s been 25 years in the making. That’s how long we’ve had the MTV Movie Awards, which despite the satirical bent — after all you’ll never see a Best Kiss category at the Oscars — still carry notoriety and prestige. But the Comedic Genius Award is a new addition and we’ve had two notable winners thus far; Will Ferrell was the first to win it, followed by Kevin Hart last year.

Now as the first woman, the 45-year-old Melissa McCarthy joins the ranks even as her latest movie, ‘The Boss’ — directed by her husband, Ben Falcone — opens in theaters.

She arrived on stage by crowdsurfing, yes, literally. And that was just the beginning of what’s become a viral video moment in time.

On stage, Melissa McCarthy said in part, “I may be the first woman to receive this award, but I am certainly, certainly not the first one to deserve it. I think I am a walking human patchwork of all the remarkable funny women who I loved and studied over the years.”

She went on to thank “every single person who buys a ticket for my movie or watches my show.” Continuing, added, “You are absolutely the single reason I get to keep doing what I love so much.”

She also said, “My mother taught me not to fear being the butt of the joke. Not to worry about being likeable or perfect, and to lovingly go for the kill.”

And, as we know, she’s been fearless in that manner, and had won accolades for it, as many consider a role model for what is possible, for defying norms and stereotypes. In a recent interview with People, she said, “I feel sexiest when I feel comfortable, when I feel most myself, when I’m not trying to be anything other than who I am.”

She went on to say, “[I love] all of it: my flaws, my shortcomings, my body parts that you’re like, ‘Well, couldn’t that be better?’ I think, especially after having kids, I go, ‘Well, the alternative is pretty bad. I’ll take me as I am.’ ”

Not least, she’s long been an outspoken critic of the very rigorous and unfair standards of beauty, most recently telling Refinery29, “I want to get rid of constantly categorizing. Lists give somebody a way to shove and tear down women. Those women that are always shown, that we’re all supposed to be like, is like .000009% of human beings. That’s crazy.”

And for fans of her work on the big screen there’s even more good news as it’s been recently announced she and her husband Ben Falcone are set to collaborate on another movie together, “Life of the Party,” which like ‘The Boss’ will see them as co-writers and he will direct.

But in the meantime be sure to check out Melissa McCarthy’s Comedic Genius Award acceptance speech at the MTV Movie Awards in the video below!

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