Peter Dinklage, Gwen Stefani, SNL: Review Roundup, Video Highlights

April 3, 2016

‘Game of Thrones’ star Peter Dinklage was host of Saturday Night Live, making his much-anticipated debut on the show, with Gwen Stefani as musical guest. Now the TV critics are weighing in and you can see a roundup of reviews and video highlights right here!

Peter Dinklage

With the immensely popular ‘Game of Thrones’ set to return on HBO later in the month, the pick for host — the Emmy-nominated Peter Dinklage who portrays Tyrion Lannister on the show — was an obvious choice. In fact, he seems a long-overdue choice. With the massive audience of the show, it would seem to be probable to bring in more viewers to SNL, just out of curiosity to see him in a vastly different context. Not to mention the much-expected ‘Game of Thrones’ parodies and spoofs.

It’s not his first turn on SNL, as last year, he made a much-applauded cameo appearance on Weekend Update portraying Drunk Uncle’s brother-in-law Peter Drunklage, and with this, sparking even more anticipation for what he might do in a range of comedy skits. In other words, begging the question, what kind of live-comedic actor would he be? We’re so used to seeing him a a certain milieu that, thankfully for us all, is in the realm of the George R.R. Martin fantasy series.

Well, we saw plenty of skits to answer that question, and critics are clearly divided on them. There was, of course, the huge — make that YUGE — nod to the political race for starters, as SNL had to get caught up with the Donald Trump spoofing. So much has happened since the show’s spring break, after all.

So with that out of the way we saw Peter Dinklage take on a variety of roles from Winnie the Poo to a cast member in celebrity ‘Naked and Afraid.’ Plus a ‘Space Pants’ skit with none other than musical guest Gwen Stefani.

Somehow, as always the show meandered its way through the made of 90 minutes of airtime for those brave enough to sit through it. And for those getting caught up today, here’s a roundup of what the critics are saying.

“….For the rest of the night, Dinklage excelled most when he got to act, usually as deep-voiced authority figures. His oddly pronounced undersea hotel manager Roark (or is it Ra-Rark?), reality crime show host, humorless magic show dupe, and even gamely gobbling restaurant customer in the glory hole sketch operated from a base of dickish superiority, letting Dinklage flesh out his characters into three dimensions……” — A.V. Club

“…. We’re still going to say that the middle portion of the show was hilarious enough to make up for the weak parts; as a whole, we’d say this episode met expectations. It didn’t surpass them, but nor did it fall short. Grade: B…….” — CarterMatt

“….Not everything was perfect about Dinklage’s hosting duties, but there was still a lot to love. Fans who were worried about jokes pandering to Game of Thrones fans were relieved by the night’s skits and Game of Thrones fans worried the show would get made fun of ended up having nothing to worry about……” — FanSided

“….Peter Dinklage recites a monologue written by Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin, who watches happily from the audience. The best thing this monologue had going for it was its brevity. With no real point to make and very few actual jokes, it tapped out early enough to be quickly forgotten. There are plenty of jokes to be made surrounding Game of Thrones, the culture of its fans, its author George R.R. Martin, and HBO, but I guess the gang at SNL didn’t really feel like telling any of them….” — HitFix

Yes, another episode has come and gone; memorable or forgotten? Or somewhere in the middle. As always, you are the one who gets to decide! You can watch highlights below from last night’s SNL with host Peter Dinklage and musical guest Gwen Stefani!

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