Kate Hudson on Her Clothing Line, Fabletics, Fitness and Standards of Beauty

April 2, 2016

Kate Hudson opens up about her clothing line, Fabletics her thoughts on beauty and physical appearance and more. The Oscar-winning actress, book author and lifestyle entrepreneur has much to say on the topic.

 Kate Hudson

The 36-year-old Kate Hudson is one of the co-stars of the comedy in comedy ‘Mother’s Day; alongside Jennifer Aniston and Julia Roberts. As her acting career continues on an ascendancy, she’s also become increasingly outspoken of late, as she branches out into entrepreneurship, with a bestselling book, ‘Pretty Happy: Healthy Ways to Love Your Body’ and with a fitness wear clothing line, Fabletics in partnership with Just Fab, Inc..

It may be a crowded niche as many celebrities clamor to get on board — most recently Beyonce who’s just launched her own activewear line, Ivy Park.

In an interview with ELLE, she opened up about her Fabletics activewear, and the recent changes. She spoke about the new swimwear line, saying, “Our customer was asking for it…It seemed they really wanted active swimwear, something you could wear playing with the kids that wouldn’t fall off.”

She also spoke about the new dresses, and explained that “everyone wants a dress that holds everything in.” To accomplish this feat, she said, “So we did some that maintain our brand quality, using a lot of our legging materials.”

In a recent interview on ‘GMA’ she said of her interest in healthy living, “It’s something I’m super passionate about, being the holistic self. For me, it’s how do you motivate women to want that to be a part of their lifestyle, the actual work part because it is a discipline.”

She is blessed genetically speaking, there’s no doubt about that. Her mother, Goldie Hawn, is an undeniably gorgeous 70-year-old who winds up in tabloids at times just because she looks so amazing in paparazzi photos.

In an interview with news.com.au, she was asked about whether or not she thought that there was too much emphasis on physical beauty and instead of uttering the usual bromides, she gave a reflective and nuance answer. She told the newspaper, “No. At the end of the day beauty is celebrated, and why not? As it should be in anything, in a man or a woman or in scenery.”

Continuing, she went on to say, “But how we define beauty in people is the issue, and society has defined that for us. It shifts, it changes. There is a great book called Survival of the Prettiest. It’s a good read for anyone who is really into this kind of social psychology behind what women are subjected to.”

She also revealed how she is raising two sons — 12-year-old Ryder and four-year-old Bingham — to be individualistic and to follow their own path. She said, “I want my kids to be authentic to who they are, appreciate their individuality, and have the strength to be able to take criticism.”

Continuing, she revealed her philosophy that she wants to pass on to them is summed up a the quote. She said, “And that philosophy is: ‘If you don’t want to be criticised, do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing.’”

The quote is from none other than the Greek philosopher Aristotle. Words just as wise for this social media day and age, thousands of years later, in which celebrities and ordinary folks alike are sometimes subject to cyberbulling. And, as always, Kate Hudson speaks her mind and sets the example.

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