Haydn Porter is Barely Legal in Playboy

September 20, 2007

Meet Haydn Porter, the bisexual young Playboy model from Tulsa, Oklahoma. See her Playboy photos, video and biography. I love redheads who pose nude.

She posed in the May 2007 Playboy magazine issue at the age of 18 years old plus two short days, making her almost the youngest playmate in history. She made a splash on the Howard Stern show, where he would not let her get naked, and finished in the running for the Smashbox Cosmetics 2007 Model search.

Haydn Porter Biography

As a biography, the first thing to know about Haydn is her name is often misspelled Hayden Porter, which is the phonetically correct spelling. That often confuses frustrated fans when they find a photo of the distinguished scientist named “Hayden Porter” who never posed in Playboy.

Haydn Porter was born in Tulsa Oklahoma as a Libra. She is attending the University of Tulsa in Oklahoma, where she is a psychology major.

She is 5’7″ tall and her measurements are perfect. She has some naturally reddish tones but adds color to beautiful results. She lists Howard Stern as her greatest hero, but he says he will not bang her because she looks like his 15 year old daughter.

Hayden is a featured guest on the Superfan Roundtable television program on Sirius Radio.

Lest you think she is a one-dimensional nude Playboy model, Haydn Porter is a member of Mensa International (brain club), has a black belt in karate, and speaks the French language fluently. She speaks French in more ways than one.

Haydn is a wonderfully bisexual Playmate who claims to be shy. The pictures show us a different story, as does her recent appearance on Howard Stern.

“Double A called back and said that Haydn once fingered herself on the phone with him. He had a message of her doing it on the phone and she was like a stalker with him. She said that he wanted her to cuddle with her. Artie laughed his ass off when he heard that. Double A was still going off on her as the guys were talking about that. She said that he asked her what she would do if he got a boner while they were cuddling.

Double A said he was going to get a recording of her sticking dildos up her ass and stuff like that. Double A denied ever giving her the number but she said she verified it with Will. Double A went off on her claiming that she’s blown more guys than anyone else. Howard told him to get the tape and they’ll play it on the air. Howard let him go after that. Haydn said that she’d let them play the tape if he can find it.

Howard Stern Show, January 20 2007

See her pictures and a Playboy modeling video, and much more of Haydn here.

Haydn Porter Playboy Video for Smashbox 2007

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