Jennifer Aniston Reveals Fitness, Diet and Weight Loss Secrets

March 27, 2016

Jennifer Aniston opens up about her fitness, diet and weight loss tips in a recent interview. The ageless and stunning actress thus satisfies some of the incessant curiosity about her and her secrets to success.

 Jennifer Aniston

Of late, there’s been a growing interest in Jennifer Aniston’s diet, fitness and anti-aging secrets. That’s what happens as a celebrity approaches 50. In her case, she’s 47 years old, and so rapidly closing in on that milestone birthday.

In a recent interview with Well + Good, the actress who rose to fame way back in the 1990 on the iconic ‘Friends’ sitcom when she was still in her 20s, has satisfied some of the curiosity.

She gave quite a lengthy description of her daily morning routine. She told the publication about her morning pick-me-up and revealed that she has a fondness for fresh, nature, whole foods.

Aniston said, “Usually I’ll have a shake, with some sort of pure protein, then bananas, blueberries, frozen cherries, stevia, a vegetable mix of dynamic greens that goes in there, maca powder, and a little cacao.”

Continuing, she noted, “If I don’t have a shake, I’ll just have some toast and poached eggs with some avocado. Or millet cereal with almond milk and bananas – it’s really yummy, and you can get it hot for winter months.”

She also opened up about her fitness routine, with equally precise detail. She said, “I have a trainer, a wonderful woman who I do this spin-yoga class [with]. We spin for half an hour, and then do yoga for 40 minutes. That’s pretty intense.”

Yes, indeed! For many that would be the full extent of the workout! But that’s not all for Jennifer Aniston as she went on to say, “Then I go to a gym, where I do strength training or just my own thing on the treadmill, the bike, or the elliptical, just to change things up. Keeping your body confused is always the key for me.”

Continuing, she added, “The treadmill can be hard! If I’m watching television I can’t run, because I have to focus on what I’m listening to. [So] it’s usually music.”

Jennifer Aniston also revealed that she is devoted to HIIT, i.e. high intensity interval training, which is becomingly increasingly popular in the mainstream, and not just the exclusive routine as is was for so long, of elite athletes.

She said of it, “And it’s really good to get sprints in, to get in that interval training, because it’s monotonous to do one pace. The whole time your body goes, “I know what’s happening…” It’s good to pump it up and then take it down.”

She echoed recent comments to Harper’s in which she explained the rigorous and physically demanding routine. She described it as “a 15-minute-quad thing. I do 15 on the elliptical, 15 Spinning, then I do 15 run..And then I do portions of the Body by Simone DVD for floor work.”

And, in case any of us thought this was just fun and games, she dispelled that by noting “It’s so freakin’ hard, it’s unbelievable.”

Yes, understatement! That’s why some are looking for the magic fat-burning pill or latest surgical procedure to sidestep, so to speak, all that hard work!

You can see Jennifer Aniston’s full interview with Well + Good here and get even more details on the successful fitness and diet tips she lives by!

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