Holly Hagan Before and After Weight Loss Photos Reveal Stunning Transformation

March 18, 2016

Holly Hagan is revealing her weight loss transformation in new photos. The MTV ‘Geordie Shore’ star further highlights her changing physique with some impressive before and after pics that are going viral. You can see them her and get the scoop.

Holly Hagan

While she has become known for her embrace of plastic surgery, as fans and critics and Internet trolls alike weigh in on the results of various cosmetic procedures she may or many not have had — including reportedly, breast reduction surgery — the 23-year-old British reality TV star has also, concurrently, been undergoing some dramatic weight loss.

She took to Instagram to flaunt the results in some before-and-after photos, which you can see below. Yes, Holly Hagan is promoting the latest edition of her popular Body Bible and as such, she is her own best proponent for the 12-week weight loss program. In captioning the pic she said in part of the program, “‘Without it I wouldn’t be where I am today. Proud moment.”

According to The Daily Mail, Hagan has gone from a UK dress size 16 to 8 and has lost three stone, which is the equivalent of 42 pounds.

In an interview with The Daily Star, she spoke about the changes in the new edition of the Body Bible, saying there were “”a few tweaks, like in terms of the before and after stories with photos.” She went on to say of the program, “I met up with quite a lot of the girls actually, we had a day in Liverpool where I took them out for food and we talked through all their stories.”

Continuing, she added, “There’s a lot of those girls in there, that are real life stories because anyone can see any old crap but if it doesn’t work, then what’s the point?”

She went on to underscore that she hopes that her program will come across as achievable. She said of the participants, “Hopefully it’ll make people think ‘if these girls can do it, so can I.’ She added, “These are normal girls who have all kinds of jobs, so it just shows that anybody can do it.”

Thus she continues, as a proponent of a diet and fitness routine, even as she draws attention for cosmetic enhancements. In past interviews she has admitted to Botox injections in her forehead as well as breast reduction surgeries. Asked how she could be a proponent of both, she said, in part, “The thing is, with the surgery I’ve had done, like my boobs, you can’t gain or lose that by exercise, there is nothing natural in this world that you can do to make your boobs bigger, the only option is surgery.”

She went on to say, of plastic surgery, “I think if you want to change something – especially that can not be changed by diet and exercise and there’s no other option – and if you want to get it, then go ahead, but it’s always important to know the risks and carefully consider your surgeon and make sure it’s the right choice for you.”

It’s clear she has benefited both from surgical enhancements as well as good, old-fashioned diet and exercise. Fans who have followed her over the years on ‘Geordie Shore’ especially will notice the dramatic difference. You can see Holly Hagan’s before and after weight loss photos below!

A photo posted by Holly Hagan (@hollygshore) on

A photo posted by Holly Hagan (@hollygshore) on

A photo posted by Holly Hagan (@hollygshore) on

A photo posted by Holly Hagan (@hollygshore) on

A photo posted by Holly Hagan (@hollygshore) on

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