Nancy Reagan’s Death: Twitter Reactions from Political Leaders, Public Figures and Celebrities

March 7, 2016

The death of Nancy Reagan, the former First Lady and wife of President Ronald Reagan brought forth countless reactions on Twitter as political leaders and candidates, public figures and celebrities paused to pay tribute and offer condolences. Here is a roundup of what is being said.

Nancy Reagan and Ronald Reagan

The sad news broke on Sunday, March 6th, in a written statement from Nancy Reagan’s rep, that the former Hollywood actress and First Lady had died at age 94 of congestive heart failure. It brought the usual Sunday morning political brawling to a full stop, as the world took pause, to pay tribute to the iconic former First Lady.

Without doubt, she was one of the most influential First Ladies of the 20th century, and indeed of all of American history. She and her husband Ronald Reagan, the 40th U.S. President, were an inseparable couple, and their love story has been admired and celebrated.

In fact, the last time Nancy Reagan was seen in public was in 2014, on the 10th anniversary of her husband’s death, as, she visited his grave at the Ronald Reagan Library where she will be buried next to him.

She will be remembered as her husband’s greatest defender and companion, and for her elegance and grace. There are so many indelible, iconic images of Nancy Reagan in her signature red, her favorite color. She’s also remembered for her iconic “Just Say No” anti-drug campaign during her tenure as First Lady.

Later, she became her husband’s stalwart caretaker and advocate as he battled Alzheimer’s disease in the final decade of his life, until his death in 2004. She courageously went against the Republican Party platform and then-President George W. Bush in her advocacy for stem-cell research for Alzheimer’s disease.

It’s an in estimable legacy, from the Hollywood actress known as Nancy Davis who married a Hollywood actor named Ronald Reagan (as pictured above, in 1964) and, quite literally, the rest is history.

Here is a roundup of what is being said of Nancy Reagan.

This is a sad day for America. Nancy Reagan had a good heart, and she will be dearly missed.

— Bernie Sanders (@BernieSanders) March 6, 2016

Reactions to the death of Nancy Reagan continue to pour in, as #NancyReagan and #RIPNancyReagan continue to be trending topics on Twitter and public figures, political leaders, celebrities and others express their appreciation and share tributes and condolences on the passing of the iconic First Lady.

Pictures: Reagan Library, US National Archives

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