Jonah Hill, SNL Host: Review Roundup, Video Highlights

March 6, 2016

Jonah Hill was host of Saturday Night Live as the show returned after a few weeks break with much catching up to do as the presidential election threatened to eclipse the show. Now the TV critics are weighing in. You can see a roundup of reviews and video highlights right here!

 Jonah Hill

Yes, in many ways politics and the long and winding and often surprising presidential election has been more SNL than SNL itself. As if to throw down the gauntlet. And taking to the stage, as host, Jonah Hill in the midst of this wild ride. Jonah Hill impressed audiences and critics over a year ago with his Oscar-nominated performance in ‘The Wolf of Wall Street.’ But he was not there to plug a movie, a book, a TV show or anything else. That said, he was among the enormous all-star cast of the Coen Brothers’ ‘Hail Caesar!’ which was released last month, and hence the joke about being the star of its trailer during his opening monologue.

Naturally, the show wasted no time getting to the substance, so to speak, of the political insanity with a cold open that made the noble attempt to trump Trump. This saw a mock press conference with Darrel Hammond reprising his Donald Trump impression and Bobby Moynihan as New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who recently endorsed Trump in real life. Also in real life, as viewers know, Trump defended his anatomy, so to speak, during the GOP debate since another candidate, Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida had accused him of having “small hands” and, of course, making a certain innuendo.

Well, as noted, SNL itself is being out-Trumped this season. We have perhaps the first election season that is in dire need of a parental advisory warning. SNL had the expected Trumpfest offering such skits as “Racists for Trump” mock campaign ad and going back to what we can call the measure-of-a-man focus during Weekend Update. At this rate who knows what we may see next week!

Meanwhile as host, Jonah Hill marks his forth time and of course is edging towards the Five Timers Club. After a monologue which saw him sharing the stage with the musical guest, rapper Future, he found himself the brunt of some incredibly brutal skits. One might think it was somehow a hazing that if he can get through this fourth time, the fifth time around and induction will be a comedic victory lap.

but for now, we’re still at his fourth time as host, and so here’s a roundup of what the critics are saying about him and the episode overall, with all of its usual ups and downs, highs and lows for those who still sit through the full 90 minutes.

“….Hill came in and did what he does best — be goofy no matter what. He started things by performing Jumpman in his monologue with musical guest Future, which may have come off as lazy. The rest of the show assured us that SNL’s return was funny if not as strong as it could have been….” — Fansided

“…..During the goodnights tonight, Jonah Hill rather touchingly enthused, “This is the best staff I’ve ever worked with. Every time I’m here, they make me feel like family,” a sweet and heartfelt sentiment that flew in the face of the fact that Hill was given some of the worst material of the season to work with, much of it targeted at making Hill look as bad as possible. …..” — A.V. Club

“….In the end, this show was as much of a dud as “SNL” has had this season. If this was the third show in a row, we’d have a little more sympathy. Unfortunately, there were only about ten minutes during the entire episode this week that were really moderately amusing, and it’s shocking given Jonah’s history of having good sketches on the show. Grade: D+……” — CarterMatt

“….It wasn’t exactly a Super Saturday for Jonah Hill and the Not Ready for Primetime Players. The two-time Oscar nominee (and self-described star of the Hail, Caesar! trailer) returned to Saturday Night Live for his fourth stint as host in an episode that, unlike the popular meme featuring musical guest Future, was anything but sensational…..” — TV Line

“….t took a little while for the episode to hit its stride, but that was okay. Hill had nothing to prove, but nevertheless he proved his next “SNL” hosting gig will make him a worthy addition to the proverbial five-timers club……” — The Wrap

“….He’s one of the three-peat hosts that still delivers, like Melissa McCarthy, Jon Hamm, or Anne Hathaway, as opposed to Charles Barkley, Lindsay Lohan, or — as it turned out — Paul Rudd. After giving the episode an explosive start, Hill’s flexibility throughout various types saved the episode’s shaky back half. It was a performance worthy of the laurels Hill has been receiving, and a second consecutive win for SNL as it makes its way into 2014…..” –Splitsider

Yes, another episode has come and gone, to be talked about and replayed in viral video perpetuity! Watch highlights below from last night’s SNL with host Jonah Hill and musical guest Future featuring The Weeknd!

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