Bonnie Raitt ‘Dig in Deep’ Album Review Roundup

February 24, 2016

Bonnie Raitt’s new album is ‘Dig in Deep’ It’s the latest album from the legendary artist whose career spans five decades encompassing country, blues, rock and roll and more. Now with this latest release, the critics are weighing in. Here’s a roundup of reviews.

Bonnie Raitt

Bonnie Raitt has been a force like no other in country music for decades, with her distinct vocals and signature blues-rock slide guitar style, ruling over a loyal and long-time band even as she has ruled the airwaves with iconic songs, notably ‘Something to Talk About’ and ‘Love Sneakin’ Up on You’ as well as ‘I Can’t Make You Love Me,’ which was recently covered by Adele in her ’25’ album.

The 66-year-old Raitt took a seven-year hiatus from music as she endured within the short span of a few years the loss of several loved ones; her parents, her brother and her best friend. Her 2012 comeback album, ‘Slipstream’ was widely applauded and went on to win the Grammy Award for Best Americana Album, bringing her career total to 10 Grammys. She did so not only as performer, but also as the album’s the producer, put out by her own record label, Redwing. So for anyone who thought she was going to ride it out on compilation discs and tributes, well, she proved them quite wrong.

Her recent appearance at the Grammys in tribute to the late great B.B. King alongside, Gary Clark, Jr. and Chris Stapleton, reminded many — and introduced others — to her unique and inimitable style. In an interview with Billboard, she said of her work, “The kind of music I do is not for sissies.” She went on to say, “I mean, I love singing heartbreak ballads, and really intelligent singer-songwriter songs…But when you do those R&B and rock ’n’ roll songs, that’s the reason I’m out here doing this. That’s why I like to get up there.”

And she’s being doing so for decade after decade, to critical acclaim. The new album, ‘Dig in Deep,’ is comprised of 12 songs, five of which she wrote or co-wrote, and it’s been eagerly awaited ever since she first announced it last year. Now the critics having their say on this latest album and here’s what’s being said.

“….Raitt’s own writing is often a secret strength, but she comes out swinging in “Unintended Consequence of Love,” and closes with “The Ones We Couldn’t Be,” an intimate dissection of a broken affair delivered with the force of memoir….” –Rolling Stone

“….Her 20th album sees her maintain momentum, marrying the raw courage of trauma survival with the Harvard dropout’s enduring musical class and subtlety…..”–The Telegraph

“…. While there are some very fine ballads of regret in the mix — like the gracefully resigned, keyboard-padded “Undone” and “The Ones We Couldn’t Be” — it turns out that she was really in the mood to plunge into meaty blues, R&B and rock ‘n’ roll with her longtime road band……” –NPR

“….Dig in Deep prompts a fresh perspective on Raitt herself and a five-decade musical career that is still unfolding and revealing new facets. ….” –Chicago Tribune

“….The 12 songs – five with Raitt as either writer or co-writer – are among the most poignant of her career, even while maintaining the driving, nasty rock ‘n’ roll sound that landed her in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2000……” –The Plain Dealer

“….Raitt’s voice remains largely unchanged save for a touch more gravel, which ends up benefiting the roadhouse rumble of most of the tracks. Even a cover like “Shakin’ Shakin’ Shakes” — already beer-soaked under the musicianship of Los Lobos — becomes a full-on bar fight when kicked in the ass by Raitt and her band. …..” –Consequence of Sound

Critics are applauding an artist whose career is still clearly on an ascendancy, building upon her 2012 comeback album and, with this new album, one hopes that we will witness many, many more. Meantime, you can see the ‘Dig In Deep’ album art below!

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