Adele: Weight Loss Tips and Workout Routine Revealed

February 21, 2016

Adele’s weight loss secrets are a constant topic and now, in the midst of speculation, her personal trainer has shared some of the strategies that have led to her success. Find out what he has to say on the rigorous workout routine and why it is so effective.


Yes, while Adele has reconfirmed her music superstar status after her three-year hiatus and in fact well on the way to outdoing the success of 2011’s ’21’ album with her international chart-topping ’25’ album, she’s also drawn notice for her weight loss. As she makes live television appearances in her typically gorgeous custom haute coutre dresses, the questions are raised. What’s her success secret?

Recently, Adele told Vogue magazine about her weight loss efforts, saying, “I was trying to get some stamina for my tour, so I lost a bit of weight.” She also posted an Instagram photo of herself working out which you can see below.

Naturally that confirmation of weight loss, without any details on how she achieved it sparked even more interest. Thankfully, in the midst of rampant speculation, her trainer Pete Geracimo, has opened up and given us some amazing details on his famous client’s success.

He spoke with The UK Sun. The publication identifies the Australian celebrity trainer as a former elite triathlete who’s also the owner of the gym KX, in Kensington, West London. him According to his official Web site, he’s a strength and conditioning coach, and some of his other famous clients include David Hasslehoff, Kim Cattrell, Bryan Singer and Eddie Izzard.

Pete Geracimo told the publication that Adele uses a Modified Strongman Workout, a circuit-training routine which uses weights, as well as the Tabata, which is a high-intensity interval training routine.

He described the routine, saying, “Modified Strongman Workout is one of the fastest and most efficient ways of getting results. It trains a wide cross-section of muscle groups and is very effective in boosting your metabolism and fat burning.”

The UK Sun also reveals some tidbits on Adele’s diet, noting that she uses a meal delivery service, Pure Package, on occasion. The publication quotes the company: “We don’t use additives or sugars so she has been eating a really clean diet, with tonnes of fruit and vegetables, lean protein and complex carbs.

The full article is here; you can also see the rigorous workout routine that he recommends. It’s easy to see why it would get results! And, once again, as curiosity rises every time Adele makes an appearance, we get more and more details on the secrets of Adele’s weight loss success and, not surprisingly, it’s the old-fashioned approach, watching her diet and exercising!

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