Kylie Minogue and Joshua Sasse: Engagement Ring Photos!

February 20, 2016

Kylie Minogue and Joshua Sasse are engaged and you can see the amazing diamond engagement ring and get all the details! After rumor and speculation we now have the confirmation and the pictures.

Kylie Minogue

Yes, it’s been a flurry of speculation in the days leading up to the official announcement. But now word is out that the 47-year-old Australian pop music icon Kylie Minogue is indeed going to marry the 28-year-old British actor Joshua Sasse.

The couple confirmed their betrothal the old-fashioned way, in fact just the same way that many non-famous people do; with an announcement in the marriage section of the newspaper. It was The Telegraph in Australia that ran the announcement.

It quite simply and unassumingly read: “The engagement is announced between Joshua, son of the late Dominic Sasse and of Mary Heale (née Macauley), of Herefordshire, and Kylie, eldest daughter of Ronald and Carol Minogue, of Melbourne, Australia.”

Ah, but when one has been a force in pop music for decades, well, such news doesn’t remain in the marriages section. It quickly went viral.

Before that Kylie Minogue had been seen with Joshua Sasse at the NME Awards party. And while she was wearing a gorgeous lacy white minidress, all eyes were on the third finger of her left hand as there was a very large and very sparkly diamond.

There is a 19-year-age difference between the two, and of course goes without being said that if this were reversed and Kylie Minogue was the 28-year-old no one would blink. But we haven’t reached that stage in our cultural evolution yet and so much is being made of that.

As E!News reports, the couple has not been together for long. They originally met last fall on the television show ‘Galavant’ in which Sasse portrays the title character.

The celebrity outlet further reports that she gave a recent radio interview and was not the least been shy about expressing her enthusiasm for the man who would become her finance, she said, “He is an absolutely brilliant, brilliant guy. And even if I try and act cool and natural, it’s written all over my face that I am very happy.”

As for the ring, thus far we have the red carpet pictures, which you can see below. Details on the stone are forthcoming and no doubt will be revealed, and we’ll update. But for now, we can safely say this is one dazzling ring.

See Kylie Minogue’s engagement ring photos and more pics alongside husband-to-be Joshua Sasse below!

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