Larry David, SNL Host, Bernie Sanders Cameo: Review Roundup, Video Highlights

February 7, 2016

Larry David as host of Saturday Night Live was inevitable after his amazing impersonation of Sen. Bernie Sanders earlier this season. And, no surprise, but the Democratic Presidential candidate himself also turned up for a cameo. Was a good time had by all? Critics are having their say, and you can check out a roundup of reviews and see video highlights right here!

Larry David

It’s yet another case of an impersonation catapulting a star into a new direction. It’s hardly a breakthrough moment for the veteran comedian and actor who’s been well known to audiences since the ‘Seinfield’ days and, recently, his own series ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm,’ not to mention his early start in the 1980s as an SNL writer. But his Bernie Sanders impersonation in one of the early episodes of this season’s SNL has done for him what Sarah Palin did for Tina Fey.

Yes, for an actor it’s like having a whole new ecosystem to roam around in. And just as Tina Fey showed up a couple of weeks ago to spoof Palin’s epic speech endorsing Donald Trump’s Presidential bid, now we’ve got not just Larry David as host, but, not surprisingly, Sen. Bernie Sanders along for the ride. Sanders, as many are finding out, is not stranger to acting; his cameo as a rabbi in n the 1999 mockumentary’ My X-Girlfriend’s Wedding Reception’ has lately become a viral video.

And further adding to his screen credits, he took part in a skit, portraying a character other than himself, but very much like himself. The ‘Titanic’ spoof saw him arguing with Larry David’s character over who should get to the lifeboats first. David’s character, a self-proclaimed rich man, said his life was worth more than the others to which Sanders’ character began to rail, saying, “I am so sick of the 1 percent getting this preferential treatment.” For those following the campaign that was a familiar line.

Larry David delivered a blistering sendup of his own hit series ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ refashioned as ‘Bern Your Enthusiasm’ spoofing Sen. Sanders’ Presidential bid. The pre-recorded segment is already going viral, and well worth checking out most especially for fans of show or supporters of the campaign as David is at his doppelgänger best.

But if anyone thought that Sen. Sanders was the extent of cameos, well, there were still more surprises. Ben Stiller in full-blown Derek Zoolander mode turned up during the Weekend Update segment for a hilarious discussion on Presidential politics, alongside Owen Wilson’s Hansel, his co-star in the much-anticipated sequel.

It was a night of many surprises and social media buzz has been positive and critics are finding some reasons to applaud. Here’s a roundup of what’s being said.

“….David came in and gave us all what has to be the best show of the year so far. The bar wasn’t set very high after Ronda Rousey stopped by two weeks ago — something that David joked about albeit not mentioning Rousey. Coming into the night, the Bernie Sanders cameo was one of the biggest things to look forward to, but it was almost an afterthought thanks to everything that clicked on SNL tonight……” — Fansided

“….SNL” made the most of David’s resemblance to the fiercely independent Vermont senator with sketch “Bern Your Enthusiasm” that also poked fun at the quirkiness of David’s long-running HBO comedy series “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” ….” — Variety

“…..Beginning with a confident monologue, the former standup was all knowing smiles and funny lines making fun of himself […]. It’s a vibe that carried from wire to wire, with David delivering consistently funny performances in seven sketches (plus some amiable screwing around with a certain Presidential candidate we’ll get to) while conveying how unimpressed he was by the moment. It’s not that David was being contemptuous—he seemed to be having a great time. It’s just that he’s Larry David—being amused and unimpressed is what he does. …..” — AV Club

“….Bern Your Enthusiasm – Ultimately, we cannot imagine a better mixture of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and David’s impression of Bernie than this. Incredibly funny, and a very nice showcase of what the “SNL” team can do when they have a great idea. One of our favorite sketches of the season…..” — CarterMatt

“….Sure, there were a couple of low points — that Learning Annex songwriters’ workshop was a kernel of an idea gone fetid — but when Bernie Sanders shows up and lands a one-percenter punchline (in a very funny sketch opposite David’s ship passenger questioning the “women and children” first rule) without leaning too hard on his cue cards, you know you’ve got a winner on your hands….” — TV Line

“…..Larry David‘s monologue was appropriately Larry David. He went for self-effacing and autobiographical, saying he “went from a poor schmuck to a rich prick, without hardly any transition.” He’s a good stand-up comedian, but what was obvious throughout the episode was his strong hand in the writing. ….” — The Wrap

Yes, from all reports, a popular episode with classic moments and a triumphant return for Larry David in what was his third time as host. Could membership in the Five-Timers Club be far away? Watch highlights below from last night’s SNL with host Larry David alongside Sen. Bernie Sanders!

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