Elton John ‘Wonderful Crazy Night’ Album Review Roundup

February 4, 2016

Elton John’s new album is ‘Wonderful Crazy Night.’ It’s the music legend’s 32nd album and his first in a decade to feature his eponymous band. Now critics are weighing in on this new album and you can see a review roundup below.

Elton John

Many know him for such iconic hits as ‘Rocket Man’ and ‘Candle in the Wind.’ He continues to innovate at age 68, and we can safely say he has achieved the status of the equivalent of an elder statesman in the pop music world. A legend, yes, of course. But also a survivor, having endured battles with personal demons which he himself has been so candid about.

And he is also an icon in the LGBT community, being among the first music artists to come out, way back in the 1980s, and for his advocacy work — particularly for AIDS long before it was fashionable. Of late, he’s been a favorite for celebrity watcher, too, for his personal life, with longtime partner and now husband, David Furnish, as the two raise their young sons.

But lest anyone think he’s not making music any more and instead is coasting along with tribute albums and compilation albums or, as some have done, teamed up with the hottest contemporary music stars so as to spark more album sales. Not the case. Elton John is still out on the concert stage and in the recording studio making music and ‘Wonderful Crazy Night’ is his latest, after 2013’s ‘The Diving Board.’ And this new album arrives with fanfare as it reunites him with the Elton John Band and longtime producer T-Bone Burnett and, of course, with his career-long lyricist Bernie Taupin.

The critics are weighing in on this latest album in a long and storied catalog and here’s what’s being said.

“….After an introspective decade, Elton is stepping up the tempo. Wonderful Crazy Night begins as it means to go on, with a riff; pulsating, insistent, repetitive but not dull. Wedding guests beware: Elton has found his inner dad-dancer. …” –The Daily Mail

“….By the time of “Looking Up”, which introduced the album as a pre-Christmas single, we’re back into killer piano motifs and unswerving optimism. Wonderful Crazy Night is not an album of hit singles, but John knows his game is to sit on the sub’s bench these days. But still to be delivering such carefully and enthusiastically forged handiwork says much about his respect for his legacy and his audience…..”–The Independent

“….Back with Bernie Taupin and his live band they fire up southern fried party rock, like the title track and Looking Up. He may listen and love the latest music (remember the collaborative effort with P’nau a few years back), but he sticks to what he knows here. ….” –news.com.au

“….A set of songs whose freshness reflects the spontaneous manner in which they were recorded. ….” –Classic Rock Magazine

“….And although it’s very much exciting and impressive to be given yet another set of songs, Wonderful Crazy Night just doesn’t live up to its title. While some individual tracks shine, unfortunately as a whole it just lacks a certain spark, with each song being so consistent in its production and delivery the album almost becomes one note…..” –Renown for Sound

You can see album art and music videos from Elton John’s ‘Wonderful Crazy Night’ below!

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