Charlie Puth ‘Nine Track Mind’ Album Review Roundup

January 26, 2016

Charlie Puth’s new album is ‘Nine Track Mind.’ It’s the much anticipated major-label debut studio album of the singer-songwriter who rose to fame penning the international Wiz Khalifa hit and Paul Walker tribute ‘See You Again,’ and singing its haunting hook. He’s set the bar high for himself with his rise to fame and critics are weighing in on the new album; a review roundup is below.

Charlie Puth

The 24-year-old New Jersey native got his start originally, as have so many these days, with a growing following and viral videos on YouTube, attracting attention, in his case, from the likes of Perez Hilton and Ellen DeGeneres. And from there, it’s been the proverbial meteoric leap. One gorgeous and poignant song, that’s had staggering sales and the No. 1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 for more than a dozen weeks. And along the way, Charlie Puth now has three Grammy Award nominations for that collaboration including Song of the Year.

‘See You Again’ was part of the soundtrack of ‘Furious 7,’ the movie in which Paul Walker is seen on screen in the scenes he had completed before his death. who in ‘Furious 7′ is seen on screen for the last time in the Fast and Furious franchise.

Charlie Puth told Ryan Seacrest the amazing story of how he penned the song in just 11 minutes alongside his cowriters and that he drew from his memories of a friend who had died in a car crash. At the time, he said, “I always wanted to see him again and I was thinking when Paul died, what would Vin Diesel’s last text message be to Paul Walker. ‘I’ll tell you everything about my life when I see you again.’”

He built momentum with with the release of his own debut single, ‘Marvin Gaye’ which sees him teaming up with another artist who won fame with a breakthrough hit, that would be Megan Trainor of ‘All about that Bass’ fame. While not as mammoth international hit — it’s charted well in several countries. The same is true for his second official single from the album, ‘One Call Away,’ which reached the top 25 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Now as excitement was building over the new album, his duet with Selena Gomez leaked to the Internet, and subsequently was officially released. The break-up duet, as it’s being dubbed, is generating a huge buzz in the days leading up to the album’s release. It too may go on to become a hit. It’s relatable and matter-of-factness about the dissolution of a relationship along with its infectious melody. A formula for success it would seem.

Now what about the rest of the album? Well, the critics are weighing in and here’s what’s being said.

“….There’s no doubt Puth has pipes. Occasionally, like on the baby-making bedroom jam “Suffer” and the breathy Selena Gomez-collab “We Don’t Talk Anymore,” he unleashes his sweet, crisp upper register. But these moments are too rare: Much of the album is G-Rated tales of love (songs about beautiful girls and boys who love them) drowning in an ocean of power-pop gloss. When he laments “I’ll try to go find some other high,” you might do the same….” –Entertainment Weekly

“….Charlie Puth’s Nine Track Mind is at times typical of a mainstream pop artist’s debut; as mentioned before the use of clichéd lines and the overall catchy pop sound. At other times the album is still different and makes Puth one of the stand out artists of now; his career is only just beginning and 2016 should be a great year for Puth and his music…..”–Renowned For Sound

Check back for more reviews as they arrive. As always, it’s the challenge any artist faces who has risen to fame with a sudden, ubiquitous hit. Will fans flock to their favorite venue online or offline be curious enough to hear more and put the Charlie Puth and his ‘Nine Track Mine’ album on top?

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