Tracy Morgan Jokes about His Coma, Talks Recovery on ‘Tonight Show’ (Video)

January 19, 2016

Tracy Morgan was non-stop hilarious in his interview on The Tonight Show, joking about all he missed during his coma and threatening to go back. For anyone wondering if the comedian we’ve known all these years is back, the answer, clearly is yes and this is a must-see.

 Tracy Morgan

The former ’30 Rock’ star and SNL alum Tracy Morgan has made an inspiring recovery. Now a year and a half after suffered multiple injuries in the accident that saw a Walmart truck crash into the limo and claim the life of his friend and mentor, Jimmy Mack, who was killed, we have to say, who would have known.

It’s become now fodder for more jokes for the comedian. When he congratulated Jimmy Fallon “beating David Letterman in the ratings,” and Fallon said he’s “not here.”

Morgan exclaimed, “I liked that dude. I’m going back in the coma!”

And from that point on, it was one joke after another, following a sort of Rip Van Winkle theme of all that Tracy Morgan has missed, having been in a coma for eight days. It was quite an extravaganza through pop culture, riffing on some of the recent movies including ‘Creed’ and ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens.’ Of that latter, Morgan had much to say about John Boyega’s Stormtrooper character, saying, in part, “Hold up! One black dude in the whole galaxy! I’m pissed off, man!”

He went on, saying, That was Lando Calrissian’s nephew. He pulled some strings to get him in the cadets. They got him doing that crappy job. He left a good union job as a Stormtrooper. Good union job! I tried to get him an application for sanitation.”

And so much more; better to see than to read a transcription which can’t do justice to all the comedic nuance. Along the way, he also took a moment to reflect upon how his two-year-old daughter, Maven Morgan, was the inspiration for his learning to walk again.

He began, saying, “I remember I was in that wheelchair, and she was 14 months and I had seen her take her first steps. And it inspired me to get out of the wheelchair and take my first steps.” And from there, he brought back the comedy, offering up a few graphic details of his recovery. But again, just a reminder of how far he’s come.

Tracy Morgan embarks on his first comedy tour since the accident, and it’s clear that he’s more than ready. He’s already proven himself quite a hit as SNL host early in the 41st season, and critics gave him favorable reviews. That in and of itself is a benchmark of triumph, as he had been unable to attend the SNL 40th anniversary special several months earlier.

Yes, back then he was also joking about that near-fatal crash, saying, in the SNL monologue, “People were wondering, ‘Can he speak? Does he have 100 percent mental capacity?” And, after a beat, “But I never did. I might actually be a few points higher now.” And then going on, in the show to reprise some of his characters from years ago including Astronaut Jones and Brian Fellows.

Now with the Tonight Show appearance, he removes all doubt — if there was any lingering — that Tracy Morgan still equals comedy gold. And if this weren’t already great television, in another segment, Tracy Morgan and Jimmy Fallon took part in one of the perennial favorite games on the show, the “Pup Quiz” which sees the two in comfy recliners competing in a trivial quiz and winning a golden retriever puppy for each correct answer.

The video is a must see, and you can watch Tracy Morgan joking about his coma and much more on The Tonight Show!

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