Rachel Platten ‘Wildfire’ Album Review Roundup

January 2, 2016

Rachel Platten’s new album is ‘Wildfire.’ It’s the major-label debut of the singer-songwriter who rose to fame with a breakthrough hit, the inspirational anthem ‘Fight Song’ after years of obscurity. Find out what the critics have to say; a review roundup is below.

Rachel Platten

Yes, the long awaited major-label debut of Rachel Platten has arrived. The singer herself, at age 34, made her hard-won rise to fame with a song that was her own motivation and encouragement to prevail. Now that ‘Fight Song’ has become an international hit, it’s done far more than she ever envisioned.

Now, after years in the business she’s achieving a dream. This after two previous albums that with low sales and few reviews were relegated to obscurity; ‘Trust In Me’ of 2003 and ‘Be Here’ of 2011.

As she herself said in interviews, she wrote the song for herself. She told InStyle that after her sophomore album didn’t result in her getting signed to a major label, she said she was “trying to figure out a way to talk about the pain of being rejected, and “Fight Song” was born. It’s about me not giving up on myself.”

And her struggle reveals that side of the music business we don’t often see. Artists who are in the margins, who play in small venues when they can and who haven’t had the TV talent show or viral video leap to fame, let alone the recording contract. What does it take to keep going? And that’s been the triumph, the perseverance Platten expressed in her ‘Fight Song.’

For anything thinking she was a one-hit wonder, she followed up with ‘Stand By You’ which has also become a hit and already a favorite wedding anthem.

Now the album, ‘Wildfire’ arrives in full critics are weighing in. The obvious question when an artist has such a breakthrough hit is, what’s to follow? What else is in store? Is this just a fluke or will any of the rest of the tracks reveal an artistic vision that listeners will connect with as they did with the career-launching song

Here’s a roundup of reviews that address that very question and more.

“….Recent single, Stand by You, and album tracks such as Lone Ranger, Congratulations, Speechless and Superman, are bound by the laws of pop song logic (we predict your air-pumping fists will get tired by song six, Better Place), but they’re so well constructed only a hungover Santa Claus could gripe…..”– Irish Times

“…Rachel Platten has set the bar high already with her brand new album, Wildfire. There are no filler tracks on this release. It garners an A rating…..” — Digital Journal

“…. With 12 songs to showcase the same solid production and vocal ability that “Fight Song” did, Platten wasted about all of them. Each track desperately tries to cling on to what made Platten’s hit song great: being an anthem. “Stand By You,” the new single off Wildfire, brings nothing new to the table for Platten, and unfortunately limits the singer’s growth in an album that should have been used to take risks…..” — The Young Folks

Check back for more reviews as they arrive. But, as we know, it’s not just about what the critics have to say. What will fans do? Those who have found solace and inspiration in her ‘Fight Song’ and ‘Stand By You’ anthems want to give 10 more tracks a try? You can listen to the songs that brought her fame and see Rachel Platten’s ‘Wildfire’ album cover art below!

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