Drew Carey Talks 100-Pound Weight Loss, Reveals Diet Secrets

January 1, 2016

‘The Price Is Right’ host Drew Carey opens up about his 100-pound weight loss success and reveals diet tips that enabled him to reach his goal. He also spoke about what motivated him to make the change and why he is resolved to never go back.

Drew Carey

Yes, the 57-year-old comedian and game show host has undergone an amazing and admirable transformation; red carpet before and after photos, which you can see below, tell the story quite dramatically. In a new interview with Success magazine, he reflected upon his weight loss journey, revealing it is just one component of a deeper inner journey.

Describing himself as “super-happy” he went on to explain, ““I’m eating better, taking better care of myself. When I was doing [The Drew Carey Show], I was eating a lot of garbage, I was drinking a lot, so I had a lot of mood swings. I had diabetes.”

As for the final impetus to make changes, Drew Carey attributed it to his son, Conner, (with former fiance, Nicole Jaracz) who’s now nine-years-old. He said, “My kid made the difference.” He went on to say, “I wanted to stay alive long enough to see him graduate from high school, and I was doing some math in my head, and I thought, If I don’t stop what I’m doing, I’m not going to live long enough for that.”

Reflecting upon his days of unhealthy eating, he said, ” “I couldn’t play with Connor for more than about 10 minutes before I’d be exhausted.” Continuing, he added, “I’d get really tired at work. I’d finish The Price Is Right, and my feet would just be killing me.”

He opened up about the challenges he faced. He said, “I had to change my whole belief system. It wasn’t like, Eat this for 90 days and lose 20 pounds.” He went on to explain his new way of viewing dieting and said, “It was: Eat like this for the rest of your life.”

He did reveal that he makes allowances for himself and noted that at a wedding he ate cake. He said, “I’m not a maniac about it. But 95 percent of the time, I’m right on the money.”

One of his dieting secrets is that he’s very restrictive with beverages. He drinks only water. Yes, water! End of story. As we know, liquid calories — especially sodas, sweet teas, luxurious coffee drinks — and, of course alcohol — can add hundreds of excess calories.

He said, “I’m not an alcoholic, but I used to drink a lot. So I decided to go to a beer hall in Berlin and get drunk for the first time in almost five years.” He went on to say, “And I didn’t like it. I didn’t like being drunk, didn’t like the after-effects because I can’t think. I didn’t enjoy it, so I probably won’t ever do it again.”

He spoke on many other topics including his upbringing and his rise to fame, and how the works of such personal development icons as Zig Zigler and Wayne Dyer shaped his life. You can see the full interview, here, and see Drew Carey’s before and after weight loss photos below!

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