Jennifer Lawrence: Diet and Fitness Secrets Revealed by Her Trainer

December 30, 2015

Jennifer Lawrence’s trainer opens up about the diet and fitness routine that’s enabled her to keep an impressive physique and to be the convincing fighter we know as Katniss in ‘The Hunger Games franchise. Find out what celebrity trainer Dr. Joe Horrigan has to say of his famous client.

 Jennifer Lawrence

The 25-year-old Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence brought a new heroine, Katniss Everdeen, to the big screen and she has been the embodiment of a much-needed strong female protagonist in action-adventure movies, and she’s blazed a trail for those who have followed. Think Shailene Woodley of the ‘Divergent’ franchise and Daisy Ridley, the newcomer in ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens.’

Yes, the pop culture impact has been immeasurable, and not least, Lawrence has been the image of a woman who is strong and fit. Now of course we admire what she’s done for the zeitgeist, but let’s face it, we’re also curious about her workout and diet routine.

Enter her trainer, celebrity trainer to many of Hollywood’s elite, Dr. Joe Horrigan, a chiropractic sports medicine physician. He gave Teen Vogue a fascinating and detailed glimpse into what it takes to turn Jennifer Lawrence to the red carpet icon (pictures below) and the action-adventure star.

The allure for some might be that the cardio part of routine takes just 20 minutes. But that said, it’s never going to be confused with 20 minutes sitting on the couch! He recommends a 5 to 10 minute warm up and then 20 minutes of high intensity.

He also recommends strength training, saying, “Bodyweight squats, push-ups and sit-ups all performed in a circuit. You could also add jumping rope.” Dr. Horrigan added, “If you can do any of these exrcises for 20 minutes at high intensity, you will see results.”

Jennifer Lawrence also works with Dalton Wong, the founder of Twenty Two Training and co-author of a new book, “The FeelGood Plan” and trainer to a number of Hollywood’s hottest stars including Kit Harington and Amanda Seyfried. He first began working with her, five years ago, when she was just 20 years old. He was, at that time, hired to train her for her role in “X-Men: First Class.”

He revealed that Jennifer Lawrence has been a role model for his three daughters who call her “Auntie Jennifer.”

He said, “Eating disorders are my number one fear for my daughter. So I explain that Auntie Jennifer works really hard but she eats really well and she loves to exercise.”

And of course, Jennifer Lawrence herself has a refreshing attitude about dieting, or non-dieting we should say. She told ELLE “I don’t want little girls to be like, ‘Oh, I want to look like Katniss, so I’m going to skip dinner.'”

Yes, it is a refreshing attitude that she maintains and she has been vocal in expressing it. Let’s hope that the tide towards true fitness and health will begin to eclipse the unhealthy and often obsessive pursuit of runway model thinness.

You can see the entire interview of Dr. Joe Horrigan and the workout routine here and thus get the full scoop on Jennifer Lawrence’s diet and fitness secrets!

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