Lauren Goodger Before and After Weight Loss Photos Reveal Stunning Transformation

December 27, 2015

Lauren Goodger is revealing her weight loss transformation in new photos. The former Celebrity Big Brother UK star has unmistakably dropped many pounds and dress sizes and her chiseled physique is dramatic and impressive.

 Lauren Goodger

A day after Christmas, or Boxing Day in the UK, as the holiday feasting season comes to an end, the 29-year-old TOWIE and The Only Way Is Essex star has been posting numerous photos on Instagram and Twitter. It’s just a reminder that it’s just about time for the New Year’s Resolution season to begin and thus for weight loss to suddenly be3come top of mind but it’s clear she’s had a head start to say the very least.

Yes, Lauren Goodger has got a new fitness DVD out, called Lauren’s OMG! Workout. The foray into fitness is new, but she has for months been in the news as she has shed the pounds. She’s been stunning on the red carpet in recent weeks, but now the bikini selfie photos, which you can see below, show that yes, she’s put in the work and that it wasn’t just an illusion helped along with Spanx.

In fact it seems she’s just as amazed as anyone. She captioned one of the bikini photos, “Can’t believe I’m starting to see my abs again after all these years. Didn’t know I had them under there lol!” And with it, a link to the DVD on Amazon. She reveals the physique of a fitness model and we can safely say she’s become her own best advertisement. A preview posted to YouTube reveals a high-energy dance workout that’s reminiscent of what we see on stage with pop music stars and their backup dancers.

Media reports quote her as saying she has lost four stone (56 pounds) and dropped down six dress sizes. In an interview earlier this year, she opened up about her weight loss struggles.

Paparazzi has taken unflattering bikini photos of her, with the usual body-shaming results. She said of the experience at the time, “I’m too upset and too embarrassed to look at the photos of me in a bikini.’They’re horrendous! I look like a beached whale.” She also admitted that her weight had crept up to 13 stone (182 pounds).

She told Closer magazine that she was following the Cambridge Diet and joined the Breakfree Bootcamp in Majorca, in her determination to lose weight. She said of the experience, “‘I was getting up at 6am and working out until 7pm. We climbed mountains! I had dirt in my nails and over my legs. I was absolutely sweating! But it was such an achievement. I thought, “I can do this. I can survive.’

And she has more than survived as the pictures and the video clip below reveal. While her body shaming ordeal was unfortunate and an outrage, at least it gave her the impetus to make the change and to do so in an exemplary and healthy way. Now this time around, the bikini pictures are going viral, but they’re on her terms and they celebrate her achievement.

You can see Lauren Goodger’s before and after weight loss photos below!

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Pictures: PR Photos

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