David O. Russell Talks ‘Joy’ Movie and Casting Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper Again

December 19, 2015

David O. Russell opens up about his latest movie the biopic, ‘Joy’ and why he has cast Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper in three consecutive films. He also spoke about how he came to recognize and hone his unique style that has garnered him multiple awards and nominations.

David O. Russell

Yes, the five-time Oscar-nominated director of ‘American Hustle’ and ‘Silver Linings Playbook’ is back once again with his A list stars, not to mention that it’s the second time he’s cast acting legend Robert De Niro.

As always there are high hopes even though this time around, the reviews aren’t hitting the marks quite as high; Rotten Tomato puts it at 65 percent. But thus far in awards season the movie has picked up two Golden Globe Award nominations; Best Comedy, and Jennifer Lawrence for Best Actress.

When asked about his continual pairing of Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper, David O. Russell told Page Six, “When I look back at some of my favorite collaborations,” he said during a La Grenouille lunch for the new film on Tuesday, “I look back at William Wyler with Bette Davis, or [George] Cukor with [Katharine Hepburn]. This is something that is magical and special.”

Yes, immediately springing to mind are other such iconic pairings such as Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall on the drama, crime and film noir side of the ledger and Spencer Tracy and Kathrine Hepburn on the comedy end of the spectrum. The screen chemistry of these legendary pairs is a legend in and of itself.

Russell also spoke about ‘Joy’ as marking as his first time doing a biopic of a woman. ‘Joy’ is based on the life story of entrepreneur and QVC star Joy Mangano who rose to fame with her Miracle Mop invention and went on to become patent holder of a hundred more inventions.

He said, “I had never done a story with a woman at the center of it. I’d never done a story that was unglamorous in the fact that what she was doing wasn’t earth-shattering . . . but so difficult to accomplish.”

In an interview with CBS This Morning (video below), he was asked about how he writes dysfunctional families so well, and he said, “Probably from personal experience.” He went on to say, “I love how the extraordinary comes from the ordinary. The magic lives next to adult concerns that may feel limiting and those are always the movies that have excited me.”

Asked about his distinctive directing style and how he came to recognize it, Russell said, ” I think starting with ‘The Fighter.’ I know these people; I have family members who are salt of the earth that work in all different areas of life. They love each other and they also have conflict with each other. Right in front of their faces, there’s magic, glimpese of it, perseverance.” He went on to say, “I like inspirational stories.”

‘Joy’ also stars Edgar Ramirez, Diane Ladd, Virginia Madsen, Isabella Rossellini, Elisabeth Röhm. You can see the full interview video below of David O. Russell’s interview, along with the trailer!

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