Amy Schumer Gets Emotional in Barbara Walters ’10 Most Fascinating People’ Interview (Video)

December 18, 2015

Amy Schumer opened up about her family history, and her future plans in an emotional and deeply personal interview with Barbara Walters. The actress and comedian was among those on the list of this year’s ’10 Most Fascinating People,’ having had her breakthrough year of success with ‘Trainwreck’ and more.

Amy Schumer

It’s really been the year of Amy Schumer and not a surprise she made the list alongside the likes of Caitlyn Jenner, Donald Trump, Bradley Cooper and Misty Copeland, among others. In just a few months time we’ve witnessed her go from the midling fame of her eponymous show on Comedy Central to a breakaway box office success in the movie ‘Trainwreck’ which she both wrote and starred in. Along the way, she picked up an Emmy Award.

Even before that, her empowering and profane speech at the Glamour Women of The Year Awards had gone viral and she began to get social media buzz and traction. In her own unforgettable way, she spoke of accepting one’s self no matter what size, what gender, or whatever slot society wants to put one in, as she said, “I’m not going to apologize for who I am, and I’m actually going to love the skin I’m in and not be like striving for some other version of myself.”

She’s given many interviews, but as we know, there’s nothing quite like a Barbara Walters interview to draw out the inner life and the vulnerabilities of a celebrity. Yes, even one who is known for her often shocking candor on topics of gender and sexuality.

The broadcast legend questioned her on her stand-up routine which sees her often mocking society’s expectations of what women should look like, and said, “I’ve seen you on the air, but you don’t like your looks.”

Shumer said, “I think I make fun of how I think the world and how Hollywood sees me, which is heavier than most actresses and I’m not a model. And I don’t feel apologetic about that. I feel good naked. I feel like when I take my clothes off, like, saying “You’re welcome.”

After a frank discussion on her love life — no doubt, edited down for broadcast television — Walters asked her about her childhood and what it was like growing up with a father with multiple sclerosis.

It was here that she was most emotional. Reflecting upon those yaers, she said, “Yeah. It was awful. It was just confusing to me, especially the way M.S. works. He was in physical pain. That’s when I kind of took the lead and took care of everybody in my family. I would keep everybody laughing.” She added, “Still. I’m the one who ties it all together.

When Barbara Walters asked her “Where do you see yourself or want to see yourself in 10 years?” Amy Schumer said, “I really don’t know. I want to be expressing myself creatively somehow; a director, producer.”

Walters followed up, saying, “You did not say marriage. You did not say a mother.”

To which Schumer said, “ Yeah. Well, that’s what came out. I would love those things, but I don’t really see it for myself. I hope that happens, but I don’t know how realistic that is.”

Quite an interview, as we saw another side of the often polarizing and controversial comedian in the discussion which ran nearly six minutes. A very revealing six minutes. You can see the full replay video of Amy Schumer speaking with Barbara Walters and showing us why she is indeed one of the ’10 Most Fascinating People.’

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