Ryan Gosling, SNL Host: Review Roundup, Video Highlights

December 6, 2015

Ryan Gosling was the host of Saturday Night Live for the first time ever. Yes, after all these years, finally a debut on the famed stage. See a review roundup of what critics had to say and watch video highlights right here!

Ryan Gosling

It is a surprise, but if you Google for previous SNL episodes hosted by Ryan Gosling, you’ll find none exist. Quite a surprise as the 35-year-old Oscar nominated actor has been famous since his Disney child star days. And now finally, if not belatedly, as he costars alongside Russell Crowe in the much anticipated, ‘The Nice Guys,’ he was a logical choice to host.

He kicked off with a monologue which saw him sing a Canadian Christmas carol (yes, you will be forgiven for not thinking that such existed!) with SNL alum Mike Meyers. It became the running joke that he, born in Canada, was claiming New Yorker heritage.

And we were off to the typical SNL of hits and misses and familiar targets. This being the political season that meant politics and, this time around, none other than the GOP Presidential frontrunner Donald Trump. After mocking himself earlier this season, we’re now left with cast member Taran Killam to rise to the occasion, alongside Cecily Strong as wife Melania Trump.

And among such targets were the recently presented ‘The Whiz Live!’ on NBC which gave Gosling a chance to live out his Scarecrow dreams à la the iconic Ray Bolger of ‘The Wizard of Oz’ movie. But throughout his skits, live audiences watched him on the verge of breaking out of character and succumbing to an attack of the giggles. Now in viral video infamy, those scenes have become part of the discussion, and perhaps we’ll most remember this episode as the time that dramatic actor who shed his Disney ‘Micky Mouse Club’ persona with the likes of ‘The Notebook’ and ‘Half Nelson’ seemed to be amused by the task of amusing the rest of us.

So what did the critics think of all of this? Here’s a roundup of what’s being said of Ryan Gosling as SNL host.

“…. Ryan Gosling turned in an acceptable “Saturday Night Live” hosting debut, but the appearance was rife with exactly the types of drawbacks that you’d imagine with somebody like him — too much reliance on the whole “holy crap, this guy is so damn hot!” joke, and a few too many crackups. The material throughout the show was also not quite up to par with previous episodes this season…..”– The Wrap

“….Overall, though, it’s hard to give this episode a great grade just based on the number of misses, and because we’re not sure that the host got through a single sketch without breaking character. Gosling had fun, but he was late delivering many of his lines and there was some sort of big gaffe in the Santa sketch in particular. Grade: C+. ….”– Carter Matt

“….If anything, I was worried that the brooding, Method intensity [Ryan Gosling has] become known for (and that’s so effective contrasting with the aforementioned face-freshness) would keep him from loosening up. In practice, Gosling loosened up too much as it turns out, becoming repeatedly—and, it has to be said—endearingly afflicted with the giggles in almost every sketch…..” — The A.V. Club

“….While the Canadian heartthrob’s opening monologue wasn’t especially inspired — not even with fellow north-of-the-border import Mike Myers offering support — the remainder of Gosling’s episode ranked among the better SNL installments of the last few seasons. The strictest of viewers might’ve objected to Gosling’s multiple this close-to-breaking incidents, but to me, the fact that the Notebook actor was clearly amused by the goings-on merely made the show pass more quickly and enjoyable….. ” –TV Line

Now with one turn as host and four more to go to reach the Five Timers Club status, Ryan Gosling’s debut has come and gone! You can watch the SNL video highlights below!

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