Adele Sings ‘Million Years Ago,’ Talks Songwriting, Son Angelo (Video)

November 25, 2015

Adele gave the live television debut performance of a new song, ‘Million Years Ago’ and opened up about her songwriting and return to music on the Today Show. She also spoke about her son, Angelo, and how he has changed her as a music artist. As always, it was a memorable appearance and can see the full video right here.


While her concert on Today Show was not outdoors at The Plaza, one glance at the huge gathering of fans would lead one to think just that. The gracious multi-Grammy winner stepped outside before her interview to interact with her fans and take selfies.

Yes, Adele has graced the world with her return, and the world has embraced her. She’s making history even in the early days of the release of her ’25’ album as it not only broke the long-held record for the most sales in the first week of release — *NSYNC had that record of 2.416 million copies of ‘No Strings Attached’ song in the year 2000 — but did so in just four days.

Yes, her ’21’ album was the best selling album for two straight years, and one wonders how many years ’25’ might become a bestseller; it’s already surpassed Taylor Swift’s ‘1989’ for that honor this year, and in less than a week!

In the studio, she spoke with Matt Lauer about her long-awaited return. She said of her fans outside, “The reaction getting here this morning and everyone being here was so beautiful, so nice.”

She also spoke about songwriting and addressed reports that she had “writer’s block.” She said, “Sometimes you have to let yourself be sad to move forward.” She went on to say, “I don’t think sadness can be devastating. It can be uplifting and joyful.”

She opened up about how becoming a mother has changed her life. During her hiatus from music she gave birth to her first child, a son, Angelo James Konecki, in 2012 with her longtime boyfriend Simon Konecki. She said, “My son comes everywhere with me. He’s the first person I see in the morning and last person I see at night. I make time for him like I always have. My kid is more important. My kid comes first, and my music comes second.”

She addressed other topics in the interview, including how she felt performing at Radio City Music Hall after such a long time away from the concert stage.

And, not least, Adele delivered a stunning and emotionally powerful performance of ‘Million Years Ago’ accompanied by two acoustic guitarists; the ballad showcased her impressive contralto register. Yes, when one is a great artist, that’s all one needs. No fancy costumes, no throngs of backup dancers are needed.

See Adele’s live interview and performance below!

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