Adele ’25’ Album Review Roundup

November 18, 2015

Adele’s new album is is the long-anticipated ’25.’ The wait is over as the British music superstar’s follow-up to ’21’ is out and critics are having their say. Are hopes and expectations met? Exceeded? Dashed? Here’s a roundup of reviews.


Yes, it’s the the third studio album and it’s been a four year wait since Adele’s landmark ’21’ album which swept six Grammys, racked up 30 million in sales worldwide and has become the biggest selling album of this century, thus far. For an artist to return after that, surely that has to be a tall order. One simply would have to move forward, and as Adele has said in numerous interview in the rollout of the new album, that is what she has done, although not without struggle. We’ve heard about the songs that were scrapped, the writing and rewriting, the various collaborators who were called or reportedly called, and so on.

Suddenly, Adele gave us ‘Hello’ and the world went completely insane. Yes, we collectively cried over this heartbreaking and beautiful song and the music video not surprisingly set a new VEVO record as the most viewed in a 24-hour period. Yes, we were collectively eager for any new music, any new visuals from Adele. And of course, there were the memes, most amusingly the mashup of Lionel Ritchie’s ‘Hello’ and Adele’s.

And now as the album arrives in full — and there are reports of leaks; that two-minute snippets of all the tracks hit the Internet — the music critics are weighing in on her latest effort. The songs, the vocals, everything that we’re looking forward to. Will we find our expectations met? Of course it’s always a matter of opinion, and the critics are weighing in on Adele’s new album.

Here’s a roundup of reviews.

“…. But as 25 continues, it’s gradually swamped by the kind of dreary piano ballads that are Adele’s fall-back position, produced by the likes of Ryan Tedder and Bruno Mars’ Smeezingtons operation. It leaves things sounding a little too much like they had been designed by committee – which, on reflection, is probably exactly what those industry types were so eagerly awaiting. ….”– The Independent

“….Adele’s “25” is a 10. Well, we knew that. “Hello” already has its fans and it’s number 1 everywhere. But “When We Were Young” is so deliciously constructed with a gorgeous hook that we’ll be hearing it every day for the the next ten years. I imagine Tobias Jesso’s stock will rise on Friday like on Apple’s on the day of a new iPhone release. This is maybe the best new song by anyone in years…..”– Showbiz 411

“… The Verdict: 21 – its sales, its critical acclaim, its cultural impact – was a once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon. Nothing could possibly top it, and no-one recognises this more keenly than Adele. With 25, though, she’s managed to follow up, with disarming ease, an album that’s impossible to follow. Treading a line between optimism, nostalgia and a new-found sense of autonomy (for better and worse) 25 beds itself down in the shadow of its predecessor. There was nowhere else it could possibly have gone – but it’s comfortable, perhaps even happy, there. ….” — Gigwise

“….The first thing to say is I don’t think anyone will be disappointed. Covering much of the same kind of musical and emotional terrain, 25 is certainly the equal of its predecessor. What it sacrifices in youthful rawness it makes up in maturity and sheer class. Adele Adkins has taken her time over her third album and it shows. ….” — The Telegraph

“….So what does it sound like? Well, fans of her first two albums ’19’ and ’21’ won’t be disappointed, but there is plenty here to win over new fans too – if there’s anyone left on the planet who doesn’t actually own an Adele album yet!

It’s a highly polished set of songs, mixing big, bold production with stripped back moments, but at the centre of it all is THAT voice, which has never sounded better…..” –Huffington Post

Yes, it’s the third album and it’s a sure bet as a runway success; it’s really just a matter of how many countries the album will reach the top of the charts. Another phenomena? Time will tell, but for certain, Adele’s ’25’ album has already given us more than a few pop cultural moments.

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A photo posted by @adele on

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