Adele Talks ’25’ Album, Ex-Boyfriend-Inspired Song, Coping with Fame and More

November 16, 2015

Adele opens up about her new album ’25,’ how motherhood has impacted her songwriting process, why she resists fame and how it has changed her life and that of her partner Simon Konecki and much more. As the music superstar returns to the limelight she has much to say.

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Yes, she is back, performing live, and giving interviews, and of course, best of all, the album ’25’ is upon us. Long awaited, so long in fact that the singer herself is now 27 years old. And yes, we’re all four years older since that wonderful international sensation that was ’21’ that swept six Grammy Awards and our hearts along with it.

In a wide-ranging in depth interview with The Guardian Adele opens up about many topics both personal and professional and, oftentimes the two are intertwined. Notably, she had some words for the ex-boyfriend who inspired the heartbreak of her ’21’ album. Revealing that on her new album, “Send My Love (to Your New Lover)” is about him, she explained, “This is my f–k-you song.” She went on to say, “It sounds obvious, but I think you only learn to love again when you fall in love again. I’m in that place.”

She continued, speaking gushingly of her current boyfriend Simon Konecki, saying, “My love is deep and true with my man, and that puts me in a position where I can finally reach out a hand to the ex. Let him know I’m over it.”

She was asked about her motivation return to her music, to which she said, “Um. My son.” Yes, her son, her first child with Konecki is now three years old, and as she went on to elaborate on how he has changed her life.

She said, “I felt so mega having given birth; the confidence from that, I felt unstoppable. I’m sure most women feel that… Towards the end of the 21 stuff, I couldn’t remember why I was doing it any more. I couldn’t answer the question: ‘Why am I halfway around the world? On my own?’ But then, after I had my son, I thought, ‘Yeah, that’s why I did it all.’”

Continuing, she added, “I felt proud of what I’d achieved with 21 for the first time. And now everything I do, in every channel of my life, is part of a legacy that I’m making for my child. For my children, if I have more. I’m not motivated by much, certainly not by money – but I’m motivated by that. I want my child to see his mum running a proper business again. Being a boss again. Hopefully smashing it again.”

Given the enthusiasm — and the records broken — over ‘Hello’ that seems a sure bet right now. She opened up about such immense fame, saying of it, “When I walk into a room full of people that I don’t know, they stop talking. And I understand that. I get it. Because I’ve done it myself in the past.”

She went on to speak of turning down endorsements and other trappings of fame, saying, ““hat have I said no to? Everything you can imagine. Literally every-f–king-thing. Books, clothes, food ranges, drink ranges, fitness ranges… That’s probably the funniest. They wanted me to be the face of a car. Toys. Apps. Candles. It’s, like, I don’t want to endorse a line of nail varnishes, but thanks for asking.”

Reflecting she added, “It’s very easy to give in to being famous. Because it’s charming. It’s powerful. It draws you in. Really, it’s harder work resisting it. But after a while I just refused to accept a life that was not real.”

There’s more to interview and with the long drought over since previous interview, thankfully we can savor every comma and punctuation mark online right here. Watch Adele’s ‘Hello’ music video below as we await the long awaited ’25’ which is likely to become the bestselling album of the year, and perhaps next year!

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