Melissa McCarthy Reveals Weight Loss Success, Debuts Seven7 Holiday Collection (Photos)

November 14, 2015

Melissa McCarthy debuted her new Seven7 holiday collection for Lane Bryant and revealed impressive weight loss at the premiere event. Yes, the Hollywood star is conquering the fashion world and on the forefront of bringing acceptance for clothing for women of all sizes.

Melissa McCarthy

The 45-year-old comedy star of stage and screen is living the dream, defying expectations, and well on her way to becoming an icon. Truthfully, she’s there already. An inspiration to many for her very success in facing down and coming out as the victor over societal “norms” on conventional beauty and physique.

Now Melissa McCarthy takes her signature individuality and outspokenness into a new realm, the fashion world. Her much-anticipated Seven7 holiday fashion line for Lane Bryant is now out, and after a splashy premiere event at the Fox Hills Mall in Culver City, California.

A few months ago, she spoke with People magazine about her excitement to venture into fashion design, and revealed that it’s nothing new. She’s not a star whose licensed her name — she is a designer. She said, “From grade school until age 20, I had one thought in my head, which was doing women’s clothing. To get to come back to it, is kind of crazy. It’s pretty dreamy.”

And for many women who will embrace the fashions, it’s their dream come true, too! Yet at the same time, what became the final impetus for her to pursue the dream, as has been widely reported, she couldn’t find a designer to design a dress for her for the 2012 Oscars. Yes, that’s discrimination, all right.

Since the launch of Melissa McCartney’s Seven7 clothing line in August — which features garments in sizes 4 to 28 and sells on HSN– she has seen massive success. According to Bloomberg has had a major influence on the garment industry, in dispelling the stigma of plus-sized clothing. Even the term is controversial, but whatever one calls it, the publication notes that it’s a $19.9 billion market and that 65 percent of women are buying the clothing.

So we may very well be at the very beginning of an revolution, and Melissa McCarthy has had an important role in leading the way. Her latest event, has drawn much attention, and no doubt it’s the first of many. And all the while, she is revealing weight loss success. She’s reportedly lost 50 pounds and perhaps at some point she will share her diet and fitness secrets and if she does, we’ll update!

But in the meantime, you can see more of Melissa McCarthy’s Seven7 photos here as well as below!

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