Justin Bieber ‘Purpose’ Album Review Roundup

November 11, 2015

Justin Bieber’s new album is ‘Purpose,’ and it’s his first new album since ‘Believe’ of 2012. This is the comeback album that fans have long awaited as the teen pop music sensation makes a transition to musical and personal maturity. The critics are weighing in on his efforts and here’s a roundup of reviews.

Justin Bieber

Yes, after much fanfare the album arrives. Justin Bieber himself spends the week leading up to the release in a multi-faceted residency on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, dubbed Bieber Week. This after traveling in Australia and the UK and elsewhere, in the weeks leading up to the release of the album.

The lead single ‘What Do You Mean?’ signaled the beginning of the comeback, and it debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100, a career first for him. This after months of worldwide chart-topping success with his collaboration with Skrillex and Diplo, for what has become a club classic, ‘Where Are Ü Now.’

Yes, there have been a number of interviews, and Justin Bieber has reflected upon and apologized for his past and has opened up about ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez and even confirmed which of the songs on the new album she inspired (‘What Do You Mean?,’ ‘Sorry,’ and ‘Mark My Words’). He has expressed his intentions with ‘Purpose’ and its title, he has confirmed represents a new direction and focus.

It’s been a long buildup, and yes, the album is here and it shares a release date with One Direction’s ‘Made in the A.M’ and the duel for No. 1 will be one to watch. We have the at-the-moment most popular boy band in the world about to go on a planned hiatus and we have an erstwhile teen idol returning to the scene as a maturing artist.

So what do the music critics have to say of ‘Purpose?’ Here’s a roundup.

“…. A number of songs directly address the unbearable lightness of being Bieber: the tabloid Truman Show he can’t escape; the teenage mistakes magnified a million times; the judgments that still pierce his skin, poreless as it may be. Best, though, are the jaunty “Love Yourself,” possibly the world’s first campfire-folk dis track, and the airy, dubsteppy “The Feeling,” assisted by alt-pop songstress Halsey…..” — Entertainment Weekly

“… It closes with the title track, a gushing piano ballad in which Bieber dedicates himself to God, affirming the notion of a young man who has come through testing times to emerge with new maturity and purpose. An album about growing up in public, it marks Bieber’s public arrival as a grown up…..” — The Telegraph

“…. In the past Bieber has relied on calling up the coolest producers of the moment to ask what the kids are listening to. But here, there’s a real effort to craft a Bieber Sound, and it works. For sure, there are respectable influences—Skrillex, who produced a bunch of tracks on the record, demonstrates his deftness for swelling beats and weird esoteric percussion—but the album never falls back on copy and pasting the Skrillex sound, instead happening upon a new palette specific to Biebs…..” –

And yes, there is an epic ‘Purpose Tour’ newly announced. This is just the beginning of the new phase regardless as to whether the album reaches No. 1 or No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100. Do fans love a swan song more than a comeback? That’s what it comes down to. You can see the ‘Purpose’ album art along with assorted music videos below!

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