Little Mix ‘Get Weird’ Album Review Roundup

November 4, 2015

Little Mix’s new album is ‘Get Weird.’ Time marches on, as this is the third album from the girl group that began on The X Factor UK. What do music critics say of their continued musical evolution? Here’s a roundup of reviews.

Little Mix

At some point, a group or an artist reaches a stage in which people look back in wonderment to think that they are famous because they were once on reality TV talent show — of which we have so many these days — and perhaps even forget. We’ve seen this happen over the years as the ongoing narrative of success overtakes the fascinating with how it all began.

By now, the members of Little Mix are well known separately and collectively — Jade Thirlwall, Perrie Edwards, Leigh-Anne Pinnock, and Jesy Nelson — especially in the UK where Simon Cowell brought them together in typical made-for-TV matchmaking on The X Factor. Their new album, like the predecessors — ‘DNA’ and ‘Salute’ — is being released on Cowell’s label Syco Music – Columbia Records.

Little Mix has the immense following typical of girl groups, and these days, of course social media has amplified the fervent, passionate live-for-die-for kind of fan that such groups attract. And with the music, through it all, they found chart success right from the start with their debut single, ‘Wings’ reaching No. 1 on the UK Single Chart. Yes, and along the way, some critical acclaim as well, most notably with their sophomore album, ‘Salute,’ as critics took note of their musical evolution.

So what do the critics think this time around? Here’s a roundup.

“….The group’s personality and powerhouse vocals light up ‘Get Weird’, a hook-filled and witty collection of unapologetic pop. With the exception of a moody trap ballad called ‘Lightning’, this consistently impressive third album is never as inventive as, say, Girls Aloud in their pomp (2005’s ‘Chemistry’ and 2007’s ‘Tangled Up’), but its tune count isn’t far behind….”– NME

“….Overall, Get Weird is a sparkling pop package – one that is still suitable for Little Mix’s tween following, while heating it up a touch for older ears. It may lack the sophistication of their previous collection Salute, but it makes up for it with bigger hooks and chewier melodies. So don’t be fooled by their name: this is the biggest girl band on the planet today, doing what they do best.​ ….”– Digital Spy

“….Whether they are rocking out on “Weird People” or out Iggy-ing Azalea on “OMG,” Little Mix show a willingness to try anything and somehow making it work for them…..” — Newsday

Now reviews or not reviews, the long-awaited album — two years, is an absolute eternity in this pop music landscape — is here and the fans will have their chance to show the world just what they think of Little Mix’s ‘Get Weird’ album (cover below) as chart topping possibilities begin.

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