Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas: Future Now Tour Announcement on ‘GMA’ (VIDEO)

October 26, 2015

Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas announced their Future Now Tour live on GMA. You can see the video right here and get the details on the co-headlining tour and their new record label. Yes, to say this has brought excitement and anticipation and a huge buzz on social media doesn’t begin to cover it!

Demi Lovato Nick Jonas

Yes, it was a rare live early morning television appearance by the two former Disney Channel stars turned pop music superstars. But for an announcement this big, a pre-recorded video just won’t do! And it didn’t take long for #FutureNowTour to trend in social media. Now a search of Instagram, Twitter and elsewhere reveals the dramatic poster for the tour (which you can see below) as well as many reactions.

In a live sit-down interview with Good Morning America co-anchor George Stephanopoulos, the tour mates expressed their enthusiasm over the tour and the future they have envisions with the Future Now Tour and beyond.

Nick Jonas said, “Demi and I were business partners. Have a long history of being friends. Key for us was about living in this moment. Taking a step out individually over the last year and half, two years. Growing with our fans. Saying if there’s ever a time too to do it, it’s now. So excited to get in front of the fans and curate the moment. I was part of the tour two years ago. Now to do this together, it’s special.”

Lovato said, “What I hope comes out of it all is we have an incredible time.” She went on to note that “all the fans that have supported this music for the past couple of years.”

They were also asked about their record label, Jonas said, “We kind of looked at each other about two years ago and said, we have each had our own journey with not feeling safe to create. You have to be vulnerable to do your best work. We teamed up with our manager, Phil Mcintyre, to come up with safe house.”

Asked how, Demi Lovato said, “I think it’s most importantly asking the artist what they want to do. How they would feel most authentic to themselves. And also just providing them with the opportunity to not only feel safe with creating the music.” She added, “If you need emotional support, we’re here.”

Yes, a warmly welcomed announcement, this, after some manufactured tabloid and social-media drama over the weekend that saw Adam Lambert dropped from the lineup and Nick Jonas added to Demi Lovato’s tour. All three denied any beefs, rivalries or bad blood. And now, we’ve heard it live and of course forever enshrined in video. You can see full replay below!

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