Pamela Anderson Gets Vegan of the Year Award, Stuns on the Red Carpet (Photos, Video)

October 25, 2015

Pamela Anderson was stunning on the red carpet in a long white gown revealing side-boob as she accepted the Vegan of the Year Award. See the photos of the ‘Baywatch’ icon and get the scoop on her head-turning, scene-stealing appearance at the annual gala event.

Pamela Anderson

The 48-year-old was the center of attention, at the Last Chance for Animals Benefit Gala in Beverly Hills. The longtime vegan and animal rights activist wore her signature blond locks long and flowing, and her gown had a halter top that verged on wardrobe malfunction, revealing side boob that photographers, as you can see below, were all too eager to capture for the rest of the world not in attendance. Yes, these photos will live on for quite some time!

The organization, Last Chance for Animals (LCA) founded more than 30 years ago, just got a huge uptick in notoriety thanks to the willingness of their award recipient to be so, shall we say, revealing! Yes, if it takes a sexy white gown and an icon of television to save the animals, then so be it. After all, she’s been the star of many boundary-pushing PETA ads.

For Pamela Anderson it’s long been a mission and who knows how many animals she may have saved with such curvaceousness. She is a vegan, after all, and has been one since the 1990s, which is to say long before it became so trendy and long before the majority of people even knew how to properly pronounce the word.

Pamela Anderson had more than done her duty for the plight of animals and, we can safely say, for more than a few humans grateful in the aftermath for the pic, which you can see below!

Other luminaries present that night included last year’s Vegan of the Year recipient, Alexandra Paul, who also, of course, was among Anderson’s ‘Baywatch’ costars. Also making an appearance was legendary actress Cloris Leachman, who herself has done some eyebrow-raising ads for PETA.

But needless to say, we all know who stole the show that night and you can see more red carpet photos of Pamela Anderson below!

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Pictures: PR Photos

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