Oprah Winfrey Talks Weight Watchers Investment, How Many Pounds She Lost (Video)

October 24, 2015

Oprah Winfrey opened up about her investment in Weight Watchers and also revealed how many pounds she lost on the company’s iconic diet program. You can watch the billionaire Queen of All Media’s lively discussion with the eponymous host of the Ellen DeGeneres and get the details!

Oprah Winfrey

Yes, after that seemingly sudden surprise announcement that Oprah Winfrey bought a 10 percent stake in the familiar diet and lifestyle company that’s seen many a celebrity spokesperson, it was the financial world that first took note not of a loss, but of an incredible gain; stock prices more than doubled. Yes, not to shame wallets or anything, but yes, suddenly they were fat!

Now in her first television interview since become a Weight Watchers stakeholder, Oprah explained the company contacted her during the summer wanting her to come on board, and she said she told them in their first meeting in August that she’s never endorsed anything. She said, “I would have to do the program myself to see if I actually like those points.” She went on to elaborate on a decades long hesitancy over counting points.

She said of her own success, “Since August 12th I have lost 15 pounds.” After the applause faded, she went on to say, “But I’m excited about Weight Watchers being able to bring a healthier more holistic approach for everybody.”

Ellen DeGeneres then pointing out the staggering numbers that have been the talk in financial circles and, frankly everywhere. Weight Watchers was trading at approximately $6 per share. Oprah bought 10 percent. Voilà, from a $40 million investment, she reaped a $45 million profit.

Yes, all that and the 15 pound weight loss. As for not telling the host, Oprah quipped, “No but we want to stay out of jail.” Yes, as we know, being a lifestyle mogul does not insulate one from jail time!

You can see the full interview video below which touches on other subjects as well, not least, Ellen DeGeneres’ stint as a teacher in Oprah’s Master Class Series. But, needless to say, even the Oprah or Nopra game (which you can also see below) isn’t getting a fraction of the buzz that Oprah’s losing 15 pounds and gaining $45 million dollars has gotten…of course!

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