Sara Rue Talks Weight Loss, Diet and Fitness Secrets

October 17, 2015

‘Impastor’ star Sara Rue opened up about her weight loss and revealed the diet and exercise tips that have led to her continued success in keeping the pounds from creeping back. See before and after photos of the former celebrity spokesperson for Jenny Craig who also speaks out about what motivated her to take action.

Sara Rue

The 36-year-old Sara Rue is known for her portrayal of Carmen Ferrara on ‘Popular,’ and is currently among the stars of TV Land’s ​Impastor,’ ​portraying Dora Winston, the assistant of the title character who impersonates a church pastor. And her weight loss journey has taken her to reality TV in the recent past, as she was host of ‘Shedding for the Wedding.’

As one who has been in the public spotlight for many years, before and after photos (below) reveal her remarkable transformation. She’s also adamant about sharing a positive message and has teamed up for a new campaign with pharmaceutical company Takeda.

She gave an in-depth interview to Cosmopolitan magazine and spoke about her weight loss journey. When asked her what her impetus was for losing the weight and keeping it off, and Rue said, “Anyone who has ever tried to lose weight knows it’s such an emotional, complicated thing. As an actor, there are certain roles that you really can’t play or be cast in when you’re overweight.”

She continued, adding, “But I don’t want to sensationalize it; my weight loss was more of an internal thing, and it was about mentally and physically wanting to be in a place where I could feel really comfortable in my own skin. When I turned 30, I had this image of myself and where I wanted to be in five, in 10 years — but the reality of my situation just didn’t match up. So it was as simple as that — and as complex as a thousand other things going into it.”

She also opened up about her struggles with overeating and how she overcame it, saying, “I used to zone out without even realizing I was overeating. Because I’d lose track of what I’d eaten, I’d feel like I hadn’t had enough food. What really helped me was becoming a conscious eater. I became someone who really paid attention to what I was putting in my mouth.”

As for her current diet, she said, “When you really become conscious of what you’re putting into your body, you want to make healthier choices for yourself. I didn’t cut out any particular foods to lose weight, but I now eat a mostly plant-based diet.”

She’s also candid about her dedication her fitness routine, and said, “I have a daughter, so I have even less time than I’ve ever had before, but I make the time, whether it’s waking up a little bit early one day to get in 30 minutes on the treadmill before going to work or combining exercise with socialization. I live in a really great hiking area in Los Angeles, so I do a lot of hiking with friends.”

You can see Sara Rue’s full interview with Cosmo here and see the before and after weight loss photos below!

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