Joe Jonas and DNCE Have a Epic Cake Fight in Gigi Hadid-Directed ‘Cake by the Ocean’ Video

October 16, 2015

Joe Jonas and his band DNCE have given us their ‘Cake By the Ocean’ music video, and if anyone thought that was a metaphor, well, a giant cake on the beach and an epic food fight will clear up that misconception! Yes, this video directed by Gigi Hadid is going viral.

Joe Jonas

The new single was already generating a buzz as it signals the start of Joe Jonas’ career as a solo music artist after those years as the teen idols that were the Jonas Brothers. So along with his new band — JinJoo Lee, Cole Whittle, and Jack Lawless — he’s back on the scene with ‘Cake By the Ocean,’ the debut single of his forthcoming debut album.

It’s beyond catchy, it’s an earworm and now with the music video, both the song, the wacky lyrics and the images of a cake fight at the beach will stick with you not unlike the frosting being flung around so gleefully.

So be warned. It’s not the f-bomb that’s so shocking — although anyone who went into hibernation in 2008 and just woke up today to see this video will be shocked to hear a Jonas brother utter a curse word many times in song lyrics! — it’s the odd mashup of a Sports Illustrated swimsuit photo shoot, a beach volleyball match and a food fight on an epic scale that will be unforgettable.

The director of this video is none other than Joe Jonas’ girlfriend, the model Gigi Hadid and Taylor Swift BFF. And if anyone thought she would remain just a model must come to realize she’s on her way to becoming a multi-hyphenate. Will there be more music videos in the future one wonders and hopes if one is happy with this whimsical narrative.

Yes, pure whimsy. There are scores of gorgeous young women in bikinis, and camera work that doesn’t forget to zoom in for derriere closeups, there’s a giant cake, there’s a food fight, there’s even a mock sports reporting preamble since, after all, this is a sporting competition, it’s the International Cake Fight Championships for goodness sakes!

The arrival of this music video on a Friday afternoon as the Northern Hemisphere enters the autumn season evokes some summer nostalgia as well. Instead of “nostalgia” it might have been a summer smash hit, perhaps one to rival Demi Lovato’s ‘Cool for the Summer.’ After all, when one was tired of the pool parties, one could then hit the beach for the mother of all cake fights!

You can watch Joe Jonas and DNCE’s ‘Cake By the Ocean’ music video below!

Pictures: PR Photos

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