Amy Schumer, SNL Host: Review Roundup, Video Highlights

October 11, 2015

Amy Schumer was host of Saturday Night Live, and opened the show with a searing monologue, talking stalwart feminist issues while name checking Bradley Cooper and an imagined dating relationship. Yes, the ‘Trainwreck’ star delivered quite a night and TV critics are weighing in. See a review roundup and video highlights right here!

Amy Schumer

Yes, we knew we would be in for an edgy night that might stretch the boundaries of FTC guidelines and take us into unknown territory as she made her debut as the host of SNL. After all, Amy Schumer has many times proven herself as one who can shock and educate simultaneously, as her speech at the Glamour Awards earlier this year revealed.

Well, this time around, she didn’t disclose her weight or make mention of male anatomy, but instead made mention, quite clinically, of female anatomy. And that was just the beginning. Along with Bradley Cooper a number of famous names found their way, hilariously, in to the monologue from the Kardashians and their recent ‘First Family’ cover story to Hillary Clinton.

It was a wild night, with the usual hits and misses that we come to know as Saturday Night Live, and perhaps wait till the next day to see what went viral and what didn’t.

But what about the TV critics who dutifully slog through all the skit? What did they have to say of Amy Schumer’s brazen comedic style on the stage of the famed Studio 8H? Here’s a roundup of what’s being said.

“….The bad news? The latest “Weekend Update” proved as tepid as a centimeter’s worth of coffee left in your cup at lunchtime. The good news? Schumer didn’t have anything to do with it! And even in questionable bits like that Bakersfield Citizen Forum, Schumer managed to shine brightly thanks to her fearless goofballery and unapologetic stance. ….”– TV Line

“….It wasn’t a perfect show, but Schumer’s hilariously off-beat comedy was a perfect match for SNL this week. Most importantly, Schumer’s ability to attack serious social issues and not hold back shone through this week in ways we haven’t seen on the show in sometime…..”– Fansided

“….Overall, a fun show at first that went off the rails after the Lincoln skit. It wasn’t a bad ending, but we think that because of the last three sketches, we’re probably not going to look back at this like we could have. Grade: B-…..”– Carter Matt

“….As was the case with Louis C.K., Sarah Silverman, and Chris Rock last year, the highlight of Amy Schumer’s hosting gig was, not surprisingly, her monologue. It’s not that Schumer’s not a good sketch comedian—she has her own, very good sketch show—or that’s she’s not a good actress (Trainwreck should be opening plenty of doors in the movie biz), but she was stranded almost totally by some indifferently written sketches here….” — The A.V. Club

Well, it was quite a night. No doubt not the last time that Amy Schumer will host SNL. After all, she got her big break originally on NBC, several seasons ago on ‘Last Comic Standing’ and years later, she’s blazing a blistering trail. See SNL video highlights below!


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